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7 Warning Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is often considered as a silent cancer, as its signs and symptoms are often vague and hard to detect.

The pain in the abdomen and other warning signs are usually recurring in nature, that is, they come and go, which makes them hard to be recognised.

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In this malady, cancerous cells form in the tissues of the pancreas. It is a rare kind of a cancer, but life-threatening nonetheless.

The symptoms of this disease only become evident when the cancer has advanced. But, there are a few early warning signs that start to occur even in the early stages.

These warning signs should not be overlooked at, specially if they are persistent in nature.

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Delay in detection can lead to serious problems for the sufferer. On the other hand, early detection can help a person in dealing with this problem more efficiently.

The early signs might strike as common and harmless, but these signs could be an indication of an underlying cause.

So, read on to find out more about the early warning signs of pancreatic cancer.


1. Upper Abdominal Pain:

In the early stages, the pain in the upper abdomen towards the back could usually come and go. The gnawing, abrupt pain could occur unannounced and go away when you lean forward. This is one of the most common early warning signs of pancreatic cancer.


2. Loss of Appetite:

Records show that people suffering from this disease often report of lack or loss of appetite just months before the cancer is detected.


3. Weight Loss:

Unexplained and significant loss of weight is another early warning sign of pancreatic cancer. The presence of cancer cells in the pancreas can lead to a sudden weight loss.


4. Yellowing Of The Skin Or Eyes:

People suffering from pancreatic cancer often end up in getting jaundice. This happens because the cancerous cells block the bile duct, which eventually leads to an accumulation of bile in the liver. Yellowing of the skin or eyes serves as another early warning sign of this disease.


5. Elevated Blood Sugar:

Sudden rise in the blood sugar level is also an early sign indicating pancreatic cancer. Specially, if there is no family history to back the occurrence of diabetes, then it could be a matter of concern.


6. Problem In Bowel Movement:

The cancerous cells prevent digestion of fatty food. This results to different kinds of ailments like bloating, constipation and at times pale stools.


7. Nausea:

Pancreatic cancer wreaks havoc in the abdomen, making it extremely difficult for the food to get through. People suffering from this malady have often complained of nausea and vomiting after having food.

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