Are You A Frequent Flier And Gets Hit By Jet Lag Quite Often? Here Are 10 Ways To Overcome Jet Lag

By: Shubham Ghosh

For those who fly frequently, jet lag is a part of their life. Disrupted sleep, daytime exhaustion, difficulty in concentrating and function, and even digestive problems are common symptoms associated with jet lag.

Though it might not be possible to completely eliminate jet lag, you can always make efforts to reduce it. In this article, we will focus on ways to reduce jet lag.

However, before that, let us understand what a jet lag is and what causes it.

Meaning Of Jet Lag:
Jet lag generally occurs if you are flying for long hours - sometimes across two or more time zones - and in quick time. The more time zones you cross, the more your body struggles to acclimatise and the more you feel sleepy and out of energy.

The longer the duration of your flight, the more intense the symptoms of jet lag become. Jet lag is worse for those who travel from west to east, since it involves loss of time. For old people, overcoming jet lag can be more difficult.

Causes Of Jet Lag:
Jet lag occurs when rapid and excessive travelling throws our biological clock off balance. Crossing of time zones disturbs the circadian rhythm and the internal clock, thereby causing the jet lag. Besides, lower oxygen in blood and lack of movement during the flight can also aggravate the symptoms of jet lag.
10 Ways To Deal With Jet Lag:


1. Start Preparing For The Shifting Time Zones Even Before You Board The Flight:

Yes, you can do this so that your body gets adjusted to the upcoming challenge when it will actually come up. If you are due to travel east, bring your bedtime up front. If it is a trip scheduled much early, go to bed at least half-an-hour early every night. Do the opposite if you are heading west. You can also make changes in your eating schedule as per the country you are visiting.


2. Adjust Your Watch To The Time Of The Place You Are Visiting:

This is more psychological though, yet it helps you in getting into the time table of the country where you are heading to. While trying to get adjusted to the time of the country you are going, don't force yourself to take a nap or stay awake. Just take rest.


3. Arrive At Your Destination Early:

It is always wise to reach the country you are visiting a few days early, so that you can get familiar with things before your actual work begins. Just think of those sporting outfits.


4. Disciplined Eating:

Though there is no diet which is capable of preventing jet lag, it is better to avoid high carbohydrate or fatty foods before sleep, so that you get a complete rest.


5. Drink Adequate Water:

Start drinking before you leave the ground and continue even after you touch it, so that dehydration doesn't affect you. Also, avoid alcohol and caffeine before you plan a sleep. They may disrupt your sleep and also leave you dehydrated.


6. Make Use Of The Natural Light:

Expose yourself to the sunlight, so that your circadian rhythms get regulated. While heading west, get the morning light while in the east, get more light during the close of the day. This will help bring your body clock back to track.


7. Don’t Remain Stagnant:

Don't sit idle for the entire flight. Take a light walk periodically and stretch yourself. But don't start doing heavy exercises soon after you reach your destination. Do things gradually.


8. Take A Hot Bath Before Retiring To Bed:

Your tired muscles will get a boost if you take a hot bath after the long travel. The drop in the temperature of the body after the bath will also make you sleepy.


9. Minimise Distracting Factors During Sleep:

Wear an eye mask or put on earplugs or ensure that the curtain is completely covering the windows, so that no light or sound distracts your sleep after you reach your destination, which is so very essential to overcome the jet lag disorder. Also ensure the same during the flight.


10. Consult A Doctor:

Though medical treatment is not necessary while dealing with jet lag, you can take help of a doctor's prescription for temporary medication to overcome the jet lag effect.

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