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Aren’t You Sweating Enough? You Are Certainly Missing These 10 Health Benefits

By: Shubham Ghosh

If you don't sweat enough, it means you are not healthy enough. Sweating caused by exercising means that our body is systematically getting rid of the toxins, and the organs are functioning well.

The more we sweat, the more we need to consume liquid to make it up for the lost amounts and it keeps our body in a good condition.

We have all learnt about the good effects of sweating in our health classes and we certainly know how sweating benefits our health and body.

Here are 10 benefits that sweating has on our health, take a look:


1. Sweating Helps In Healing Wounds:

The eccrine sweat glands present on our skin that help our body to cool down after a rigorous workout also help in providing cells for the healing of wounds like burns, ulcers, etc.


2. Gets The Body Free Of Toxins:

Sweating helps our body to get rid of unhealthy toxins like excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol. If you are sweating more, it means your clogged arteries are getting cleared and the body as a whole is getting into a fitness mode.


3. Sweating Gives You Clearer Skin:

By flushing out the toxins that build-up in the pores of the skin, sweating helps us remain healthy and glowing. It also helps you to avoid rashes, infections and pimples.


4. Sweating Is An Antibiotic Agent:

Sweating amounts to the spread of efficient antibiotics on to our skin. If there is an external threat to our skin causing a damage, antibiotic or anti-microbial peptide agents secreted by the eccrine sweat glands on to the skin help in improving the immune system.


5. Sweating Helps Our Brain:

We tend to feel satisfied after a rigorous workout. Heavy exercising releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) that interact with our brain's receptors and curb bad feelings like that caused by pain. The endorphin level differs from person to person and you can find out the right amount of physical activity which will make your brain happy and get familiar with the satisfactory feeling after all the sweating.


6. Sweating Helps Us Avoid Kidney Stones:

It is very important to allow the kidneys to flush out waste regularly and for that, regular intake of water is very important. Those who regularly exercise and drink water flush their system better and avoid formation of kidney stones. More exercises mean more requirement to drink water and that in turn keeps the kidneys healthy.


7. Sweating Protects Us Against Pollutants:

Sweating is our best hope against harmful chemicals like BPA and DEHP causing pollution. Our sweat glands are remarkably capable of rejecting these dangerous pollutants from our body.


8. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Sweating causes loss of sodium; and in those who thrive on a high-sodium diet, which is actually not healthy, sweating balances it out and reduces chances of high blood pressure.


9. Sweating Reduces The Body’s Temperature:

Since your body needs to sweat to avoid overheating, sweating in a way lowers our body's temperature. Since the body heats up to burn calories and keep the energy levels high, we sweat during exercising. During or after a workout, we feel thirsty because we lose water and hence we need to drink more fluids to replenish it.


10. Sweating Helps You Look Younger:

Through sweating, the skin's elasticity and tone improve and the overall blood flow also gets better and the circulation gets a boost.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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