Why You Should Sleep Without An Underwear!

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A recent study says that the female genital needs to breathe in order to maintain a good PH level and this can happen only when one stops wearing undergarments while sleeping in the night.

So the question most of us wish to ask the experts still remains unanswered. Should we or should we not sleep wearing undergarments?

Why Sleeping Naked Is Healthy?

Most of the doctors suggest sleeping without an underwear at night as it is considered to be healthy. The reason is, during the day women wear a variety of panties and tight outfits that does not allow the private parts to breathe.

So, by going sans underwear at night is relatively a good option to keep infections at bay. In one of the recent studies, it is also mentioned that men too should avoid wearing undergarments at night as it benefits their private parts.

8 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Together

Sleeping without an underwear at night allows the genitals to dry completely thus aiding reduced bacterial growth. If one does not follow this health advice, their genitals can begin to grow fungi and bacteria leading to urethra and bladder infections.

Likewise, there are other healthy reasons to avoid sleeping with an underwear in the night. Take a look at why you should ditch that fancy pair of undergarments and go commando:


It Prevents Vaginal Infections

Sleeping nude at night has a lot of health benefits. Women who sleep without an underwear are not prone to vaginal infections, as going sans underwear helps the vagina to breathe.


It Prevents An Itchy Genital

If your vagina is itchy, then sleep without your pantie tonite. This helps the vagina to dry completely thus destroying the bacteria present in the vagina that is causing the itch.


It Prevents UTI

To prevent urinary infections, sleep without an undergarment at night. Studies show that wearing an undergarment for 24 hours causes an infection in the urethra that leads to UTI.


It Prevents The Foul Smell

Does your v-zone smell bad? If so, it is probably due to the growth of bacteria in the vagina. To prevent this bad odour, sleeping without an undergarment in the night is the best solution.


It Prevents Rashes & Boils

Rashes and boils can be prevented by going commando while sleeping. Rashes, pimples and boils are caused when there skin doesn't receive enough air to breathe.


It Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

Men who sleep without an underwear can prevent erectile dysfunctions. Tight undergarments worn throughout the day can lead to this problem.

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