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8 Health Benefits Of Sleeping Together

Everyone knows that there are many health benefits of sleeping well. But in the modern world, restful sleep is a rare entity. People find it hard to fall asleep and even if they can doze off, they have disturbed sleep problems due to stress and anxiety. In such a scenario, the benefits of sleeping together, especially for couples might be relevant.


Did you know that sleeping together for couples has many health benefits? Ideally, a couple should share their bed purely for physical and emotional reasons. But there are also health benefits of sleeping together with your partner that will really surprise you. There are many benefits of having a sleeping buddy.

You tend to fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep when you sleep together as a couple. There are many benefits of this combined sleeping. It de-stresses you and even protects your heart. Find out why it is beneficial for couples to sleep together.


Fall Asleep Faster

When you sleep alone, you tend to think too much or engage your brain in some sort of activity. It is a proven fact that sleeping with someone allows your brain to tune out quickly and you fall asleep faster.



When you sleep together with your partner, you feel safe and secure. This in turn affects the quality of sleep. It has been discovered that couples sleep longer when they sleep together.



Sleeping huddled up together helps you to feel warm. This helps you to sleep more deeply than you usually do.


Oxytocin The Happy Hormone

Did you think that only sex can release the hormone oxytocin to help you feel happy? Even the brushing of your naked skin against your partner can help you feel 'happy' because you are high on oxytocin.


Stress Buster

When you feel happy, warm and secure, what would you eventually want to do? Obviously, you would make love. And making love is one of the best stress busters naturally available to us.


Heart Healthy

Sleeping well and for enough time is very important for the health. This ensures that there is no strain on your heart. That is why; the benefits of sleeping together is that it keeps your heart healthy.


More Energy

When you sleep so well and in such comfort, then you obviously wake up refreshed. Sleeping together ensures that you are more energetic when you wake up.


Prevents Relationships Stress

Only happily married couples can sleep together in peace. But it is also true that sleeping together is healthy for couples. They remain emotionally close to each other when they share their bed.

Story first published: Thursday, August 21, 2014, 15:46 [IST]