Why Are Cigarettes So Addictive?

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All smokers know about the harmful effects of smoking. But still, they find it very tough to quit. Why are cigarettes addictive? Well, health experts say that the brain chemistry of a smoker is responsible for it. Also, it is more about nicotine and tobacco.

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So, why is tobacco addictive? Is it because it contains 3000 plus chemicals in it? Well, certain studies say that smoking is more addictive than some of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

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What it does to the human body is so damaging that there are millions of people dying all over the globe only due to smoking. In this post, let us deeply examine the anatomy of this addiction called smoking.


It's A Drug

Yes, nicotine can be seen as a drug and it can radically affect your focus and mood. Some studies say that nicotine is almost as addictive as cocaine.


It Calms You Down

It takes only 7 seconds for a puff to show its effect on your brain. You may feel calm for a moment. And if you continue to smoke, your brain gradually craves for more and more such puffs. And if you don't give in, your brain refuses to calm down. It then becomes a behavior or a habit.


How It Becomes Your Second Nature

After a few days, smoking becomes a part of your personality. And then your brain starts attaching this habit to certain types of stimulus. So, when someone lights up around you, that smell can also create the urge in you to smoke.


How It Becomes A Part Of Your Consciousness

It is a fact that a habitual smoker keeps smoking even without his knowledge as the habit gets deeply ingrained in his sub-conscious mind.


Why You Can't Live Without It

You might reach a stage where you have to smoke just to feel good or to think clearly. That is the stage where you would feel you can't live without smoking.


Family History

A study also says that smokers who have a family history of certain issues like depression may find it tougher to quit compared to others. But don't let this turn into an excuse!


Social Smoking

For social smokers, it is more about being a part of a group that smokes. They tend to feel cool in the starting stages but later on become victims of their habits.

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