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What Changes After 30 In Men

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What changes after 30 in men? Well, many bodily changes occur in both men and women after 30 years of age and in this post, let us focus on men.

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To begin with, your bone density may decrease, your muscles may contract and start losing their flexibility, your testosterone levels may dip, your libido may decrease, your overall strength may take a dip, your heart begins to age, your metabolism slows down a bit and so on.

What to do after 30? Well, a routine health checkup is very important as soon as your cross 30 years. Following your doctor's advice, try to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The next step is to change our diet. Reduce your consumption a bit as your metabolism slows down. Also, quitting all bad habits may help.

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Starting an exercise program can also prevent some of the above issues. Now, let us discuss more about the physical changes after 30.


The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

In some men, symptoms of prostate cancer may start showing up. They are: pain while urinating, erectile dysfunction, frequent night time urination and so on. Of course, jumping into conclusions with mere symptoms is not wise. At the same time, ignoring such symptoms could also be dangerous. Consult a doctor and rule out the doubts. If detected in the starting stage, this disorder can be handled well.


Muscle Tissues May Contract

After 30, a man's muscle tissues may start losing flexibility and they may also contract. In order to save the body from losing its fitness, choosing exercises that allow your body move and bend in all directions might help. Yes, yoga could be one solution to prevent this situation.


Bone Density May Decrease

In men, the density and mass of bones may start declining after 30. This may make them vulnerable to fractures. Get your bone mass tested through a scan. Consuming Calcium and Vitamin D and lifting weights is highly recommended to counter the issue.


Belly Fat May Increase

Expanding waist line can be one of physical changes after 30. Your body gets used to burning fewer calories as your age increases. This makes you accumulate belly fat. Notice your activity levels and reduce your intake a bit.


Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis or depression can also be listed among the male body changes after 30. Get in touch with a doctor. Depression must be handled before it eats your peace.


Heart May Start Ageing

What happens to our heart post 30? Well, your heart gets a bit tired and starts pumping less blood and if cholesterol gathers in your arteries, your BP may rise. Consuming heart healthy foods and trying short and intense workouts may help.


T-Levels May Dip

What about testosterone? Yes, your T-levels may start decreasing post 30. A test can declare your levels. If your libido falls or if you feel depressed, consult a doctor and get yourself tested in order to take necessary action to boost your T-levels again.


The Risk Of Testicular Cancer May Increase

One more danger is testicular cancer. If there is pain in the testicles, it is important to go for a medical examination as this type of cancer can be treated if diagnosed in the starting stages.

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