Eat These Fruits To Build Muscles Faster

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Most of the bodybuilders focus only on protein-rich foods. They would love to eat chicken and eggs. That isn't bad but if you are not including any muscle building fruits in your diet, you may not reach your overall health goals.

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Diet must be balanced. It should contain everything that your body requires. Why not vegetables? How about adding some fruits for bodybuilding diet?

In this post, let us discuss about some of the best muscle building fruits. Of course, not all of the fruits in the below list are fruits for muscle growth. Some of them are included due to other benefits. For example, some fruits build up stamina and some fruits burn your fat faster.

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That is why consuming all of them will help you reach your goals faster in an effortless way.



Most of us are not aware of the fact that dates do come with protein. Isn't it a reason enough to add them in your list of muscle building fruits?



Some body building experts say that kiwi must be consumed mainly for its Vitamin C content and fat burning abilities.



This fruit can enhance your stamina levels. It can also ensure healthy blood-sugar levels. And of course, it can provide fibre too.



If your diet contains less of fibre and if you are into bodybuilding, then include avocado in your diet.



Bromelain which is present in bananas plays an important role in boosting your testosterone levels. This way, it indirectly affects your muscle growth in a positive way.



Yes, apples do come with certain compounds that speed up your fat burning process. That is why body builders love apples.



This fruit hydrates you. It also provides small amounts of protein. Consume it post workout.



They contain anti-oxidants and they also help burn fat efficiently. Your muscle building targets can be reached with such foods.


Water Melon

It can speed up the blood circulation in your body. What else can any body builder ask for? That is why this is a fruit loved by them.

These are somefruits good for bodybuilders. If you know of any, please share the information with us.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 5, 2015, 3:10 [IST]
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