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Habits That Affect The Quality Of Mind


Your mind is the only weapon that is going to help you out in this lonely world. If your intelligence levels are above average, you can earn better and be successful in all areas of life.

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If the quality of your mind is diminished, your performance may dip in all areas of life. Well, are there any habits that kill your intelligence? Yes there are.

You know that meditation and exercises are habits for a healthy brain. In the same way, smoking and drinking can be bad for your mind.

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Remember the fact that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Focusing on both physical and mental health is the key to ultimate happiness in your life. In fact, if you notice the habits of healthy people, they care a lot for their minds and ensure that they never do any damage through their lifestyles.

Read on to know about those bad habits and stay away from them.


Habit #1

Too much of sleep is very bad for your mind. In fact, it slows down your faculties and may also raise the risk of depression in some people.


Habit #2

A study claims that the habit of smoking can also interfere with the healthy functioning of your brain and may gradually diminish your memory power.


Habit #3

Yes, malnutrition also diminishes your intelligence. Stop dieting and start eating some brain foods to nourish your mind.


Habit #4

Stress and its effects need no introduction. Yes, it kills your mind gradually. Keep stress away from your overall life.


Habit #5

A sedentary lifestyle is also bad for your mental health and also your mental faculties. An active lifetsyle stimulates your mind. Therefore, start moving.


Habit #6

Not sleeping sufficiently may directly impair your cognitive faculties and your overall health very soon. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.


Habit #7

Over consumption of alcohol may cause anxiety and depression. And what about your mind? Yes, this habit may hamper your memory power.


Habit #8

We know that inactive lifestyle is bad for your body. The same applies to your brain too. If you don't challenge your mind by learning new things every now and then, it may lose its powers.


Habit #10

Loneliness may also prove unhealthy for your mind. You may sit in your room and enjoy music without interacting with any one around but gradually, lack of social life may diminish your intelligence.

These are some habits that wreck your intelligence. If you know about such habits, please share your ideas with us.

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