Unhealthy Things We Do Every Morning

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Morning habits are important as how you start your day decides how you generally feel throughout the day. So, healthy morning habits are important. But often we ignore the morning routine as we tend to wake up late and then start rushing in order to meet our schedules.

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Everything goes wrong when we try to rush instead of mindfully performing every single morning activity with care.

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So, it is good to establish a healthy morning routine instead of going on with bad habits every morning. Now, let us discuss about the unhealthy ones.


Bed Coffee

Consuming coffee on your bed without even brushing your teeth is a bad habit which has to be quit as you age.



If you need to light up soon after you wake up, you are starting your day in the unhealthiest way.


Eating Fatty Food

Breakfast should be a salad, smoothie or a cereal but not fatty food. It can cause health issues as you age.


Skipping Breakfast

You need to rush to your office but that's not a reason to skip breakfast.


Ignoring Hygiene

Skipping shower is another unhealthy habit we cultivate in order to reach the workplace on time. We rely on perfumes.


Waking Up Late

Yes, even waking up late isn't so healthy. If sleep isn't sufficient, try to go to the bed early by reducing your night time activities.


Ignoring Dental Hygiene

Not brushing your teeth may damage your teeth gradually. You may be in a hurry to get out of your home early but it is a bad habit.


Wearing Stinky Clothes

Wear washed clothes as unwashed ones contain bacteria and sweat; not a healthy thing.


Not Answering Nature's Calls

Some people may even postpone their nature's calls once they get an office call in the morning. This is another unhealthy habit.

These are just a few. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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