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Tips To Prevent Staining Of Dress During Periods

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Menstrual period is a sign of womanhood. But, many women are still shy to share or talk about it. Blood stains on the cloths during periods is a nightmare for all women. You should know certain tips to prevent staining your dress during periods. Being sure that you will not have red marks on your dress is an important part of your confidence. The problem is more severe with those who have excess bleeding during their periods. Also, those who have to sit continuously for long time will experience more trouble.

Things You Should Not Do During Period

If you use some tips to make sure that you will not stain your dress, you can move around confidently without checking your dress, each time you stand up. If you are a bit careful, you can avoid embarrassing situations by trying some simple tricks and tips for preventing staining of dress during periods.

Younger girls who get into the womanhood will be confused about what to do to prevent staining of dresses during periods. Staining during periods can make you uncomfortable and can cause awkward situations. Each woman differs and it is important for you to know your cycle for proper precautions. Be prepared some days prior to your periods and change napkins depending on the amount of blood loss. Here we can have an open discussion on some tips to prevent staining your dress during periods:

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How To Prevent Menstrual Blood Stains

Proper Coverage:
One of the main tips to prevent staining of your dress during periods is to wear your sanitary napkins properly. You must wear the pad properly, which gives maximum coverage and thus it will prevent staining of dress. If you have heavy flows, choose a thick pad.

Panty Liners:
You can use panty liners for more coverage. You will be aware of your cycle and it is good to use a panty liner some days prior to the periods. This will avoid accidental staining.

How To Prevent Menstrual Blood Stains

Tampons Or Menstrual Cups:

Apart from pads, you can also use tampons or menstrual cups to avoid staining of your dress during periods. Tampons are cotton plugs that are inserted to absorb blood before it reaches the cloth. Menstrual cups are commonly known as silicon cups, which are less expensive and can be reused for many years.

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Thick Underwears:
By wearing thick underwears, you can avoid staining of your clothes during periods. It may not help when you have a heavy flow, but still, it can absorb more blood than the usual underwear. This is one of the tips for preventing staining of dress during periods.

How To Prevent Menstrual Blood Stains

Double pads:
You can use two pads and wear it lengthwise or in a T shape. This shape will help to prevent staining in the back.

Use Bathroom Frequently:
Go to bathroom frequently and keep the area clean to avoid staining. If you go to bathroom once in two hours or three hours, you can prevent staining because you can take precautions and change the pad.

Wear Dark Clothes:
Even if you try to prevent staining of clothes during periods, sometimes it may leak and stain your clothes. It is better to wear darker clothes during this time. This is one of the tips for preventing staining of dress during periods.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 4, 2015, 22:00 [IST]
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