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Best Alternatives For Sanitary Napkins

By: Sneha A
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Since time immemorial, the women in our country have endured the taboos with regards to menstrual cycle. A sentiment of not being ‘pure’ for those five days of every month is felt by every female, when she has to tolerate the dos and don’ts that have become mandatory norms to be followed.

It is sad to see how the psychology of people has shaped itself when it comes to menstruation. However by continuous efforts, some awareness has been created and there has been a small but noticeable advancement in this situation but a lot more is still required.

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People are still not comfortable discussing about feminine hygiene products which is a market that requires extreme improvement.

This sector of sanitary napkins in our contrary is dominated by 3 major multinational companies and these mass produced pads are very cheaply manufactured but marketed with a great pomp and show.

Most of the women are not aware that their manufacturing process involves the use of chlorine dioxide is an anti microbial pesticide, the residues of which come in contact with the female body while using these pads. Slow yet long exposure to these chemical definitely do no good.

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Sadly, still there is not much awareness with respect to alternative of pads during periods.

There are a number of healthier alternatives for sanitary pads to be used during periods which are not only convenient in terms of use but also are better economically.

Best Alternatives For Sanitary Napkins

Companies include their heavy cost of marketing on its costumers and due to lack of understanding of other better substitutes, women have no other option but to continue buying these. Here in this article, we will talk about what are some of the other alternatives to these commercially disposable pads which can be used during periods.

1. Organic Tampons
A much better option than sanitary napkins as they provide a greater freedom to move (you can even go swimming). These are smaller in size hence are much better for environment too but are much more expensive.

Best Alternatives For Sanitary Napkins

2. Menstrual Cups
Technically menstrual cup should be every woman’s first option. It is a silicon cup which is bendable enough to be inserted in and the flow of the entire day is collected into it and has to be emptied in every 12 hours. It may sound disgusting but once you get the hang of it will be the only thing you opt for wishing why did you not start with it sooner?

However, keep in mind to continue using pads till you have perfected the technique of its proper insertion as it might take a few cycles for it. It is best available alternative for pads to be used during periods which is absolutely economic as well as Eco- friendly.

3. Reusable Fabric Pads

Cotton or fabric pads have been in use since long before these commercial pads came to existence. These are absolutely safe if proper hygiene is kept in mind, unfortunately the cloths earlier used by women was not chosen to be the clean healthy ones for this purpose.

However, now the market is filled with such organic and safe fabric pads which are highly absorbent to suit the needs of various days of the flow. These can be further washed, dried in sun and it’ll be ready to be used again.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 27, 2015, 1:03 [IST]
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