Bothered By Rashes During Periods? Try These Remedies

By Anvi Mehta

Periods are a very sensitive time for most women. Women have to go through body pain, immense stomach pain and lower abdomen pain.

Sometimes due to the wetness and excessive blood flow, there can be physical rashes on the thighs and vaginal areas. These rashes are red and can cause inflammation around the area as well.

Such rashes can be very painful and itchy, and make you uncomfortable and restless throughout the day. It not only ruins your concentration at work, it can also leave you feeling irritable and cranky.

Tips Avoid Rash In Periods

Plus, you cannot wear anything tight on the area you get the rashes. Rashes can also be caused if the pad you use is not of a good quality and company.

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Though you get your periods only once a month, these rashes can become a problem for the rest of the month as well if you don't take proper care. It can also lead to infections later on. A few tips to follow to have a rash free period are as follows:

1.Clean Regularly - One health tip that can help you avoid rashes during your periods is to clean the vaginal area regularly. You must clean and wash the vaginal area at equal intervals of time. Do not ignore any part and wash thoroughly using a lot of water. This will help you stay away from the bacteria and other germs that are responsible for causing the rashes and infections. Always take hygienic measures to keep the area clean during your periods.

2.Change Regularly - Change the sanitary pads or cloth you use during your periods regularly. It is considered unhealthy to use the same sanitary pad or napkin continuously for more than 8-9 hours. Using the same pad for a longer period of time might result in infections or rashes. Therefore, always be very punctual in changing your sanitary pads or napkins to avoid rashes during periods.

3.Use an Antiseptic - There are many good antiseptic creams and gels available in the market to soothe the area with rashes. You can also use these to avoid any rashes from pads during periods. Apply these creams whenever you change your sanitary napkin or pad. Before using any cream or gel consult a doctor. Take proper precautions and do not let the cream spread in sensitive areas. If your skin burns after using the cream or gel, immediately wash the area and do not use that cream or gel again.

4.Use a good sanitary pad - Today, women lead very busy lives and are constantly on the move. There are also involved in many activites, which may result in rashes and infections because of the cloth or pad rubbing against the thighs and vaginal area. Also, when using a sanitary pad make sure you are using soft and light sanitary pads. Good quality pads can help you have a rash free period.

5.Use a powder - Use a powder and apply it before wearing a sanitary pad. This helps to keep the vaginal area dry. There are less chances of getting any rashes from menstruation if the area around the thighs and vagina is kept dry and clean. Use an antiseptic powder if possible instead of regular cosmetic based powder.

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