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Amazing Everyday Uses Of Petroleum Jelly

By: Riddhi Roy

I'm sure we all have a box of petroleum jelly lying around somewhere. It is used as an ointment or lubricant.

But, we often underestimate how much this little box can help us achieve. I think most of us just have it lying around unused, that too with us now having access to fancy lip balms and glosses.

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However, let's be honest, petroleum jelly is how we all got initiated into lip balms, even into anything remotely beauty related.

Our mothers and grandmothers introduced us to petroleum jelly; and let me tell you, this inexpensive product has multiple uses.

Uses that I was never aware of before, but a lot of experimentation and the need to save money and not hoard a lot of different beauty products got me into discovering the amazing everyday uses of petroleum jelly.

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Petroleum jelly is even safe to be used on babies, on their diaper rashes. But that's not what this article is about.

Here, I'll be listing down some cosmetic uses of petroleum jelly, some of them a little hard to imagine, but trust me, they work!



So the first use is not exactly cosmetic, but increasingly important. This jelly will cure the worst of rashes. Be it on your face or elsewhere in the body. I discovered this when nothing else was working on these heat rashes I had. And guess what? It worked like magic, healing my itchy burning rashes within a day.


Eyebrow Gel:

Got eyebrow hairs that just won't stay in place? I know I do. The Indian market's ignorance of the importance of eyebrows is extremely disappointing, specifically in the lack of eyebrow gels we can actually buy. So, we improvise with what we have. Just a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on the hair that's sticking out of place and it'll stay put.


Taming Flyaway Hair:

You know those tiny baby hairs that stick out no matter what you do? Just apply a little bit of petroleum jelly on them and they will stay right there and not stand out. The jelly will actually make the baby hairs straighten up.


Hair Serum:

Running out of a hair serum? No problem. Just rub some petroleum jelly on the ends of your hair. This is specifically good for the curls. In fact, I think it works better for curls than hair serum does, as it sets the curls in place, apart from providing moisture.


Makeup Remover:

Makeup removal is very important to avoid breakouts and early signs of ageing and just for hygiene. But buying a separate product for makeup removal can be kind of confusing. So, just use petroleum jelly with a cotton ball. This will take out the most stubborn mascara easily.


Transparent Mascara:

A little bit of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes can make them look longer and thicker without the extra hard work of curling and then layering on the coats of mascara.



It can also be used as an inexpensive highlighter for highlighting the high points of your cheeks. Imagine doing this without using any expensive product, this proves how useful petroleum jelly is for all our beauty needs.

Those are the amazing uses of petroleum jelly. So don't keep ignoring that box of wonders hiding in your cabinet!

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 18:45 [IST]
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