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How To Banish Dry Skin

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There is nothing worse than having flaky and dry skin. Trying to get rid of it is quite an exercise, as the skin needs to be constantly taken care of.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the tips on how you can banish or avoid the problem of dry skin completely. Make use of these effective tips to finally bid adieu to dry skin and its associated problems.

Generally, dry skin occurs when you are exposed to cold weather and with the current monsoon change, one needs to take a little extra care of their skin, in order to prevent this condition.

Dry skin, if not taken care of at the right time, can give rise to certain unrequired skin problems like early ageing signs, which can be anything like the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

These are the tricks that have been tried and tested and have definitely given the best results. Find out more about the different ways on how you can banish dry skin instantly and flaunt youthful and glowing skin.

Try these tricks and we're sure that you would be happy with the results. Read on.


Limit Your Shower Time

If you are suffering from the condition of dry skin, you need to take care of your skin constantly. Apart from continuous moisture that you lose, you need to make sure you avoid taking hot showers and limit the time spent in the shower to not more than 10 minutes. This will not rip away the natural moisture.


Minimise Soap Usage

Do not use scented/perfumed soaps, as they tend to strip off the natural oils from the skin and make the skin highly flaky and dry. Always go in for a mild face wash that does not contain a lot of chemicals.


Moisturise More

Do not think that applying moisturiser once in a day is fine if you have dry skin. Keep constantly applying moisturiser every 2 hours. This helps the skin to stay soft and supple.


Give Your Hands A Hand

Since the skin on the hands is quite delicate, it is important that you take a little extra care of your hands and apply more of moisturiser and even massage your hands regularly. This helps to regulate the blood circulation and keeps your hand soft and supple.


Hydrate For Skin

You need to drink water more often to get a youthful and healthy skin. Apart from this drinking enough water helps to keep your body healthy as well.


Avoid Harsh Peels

If your skin is gentle, avoid harsh peels, masks or any alcohol products or toners as it will dry out your skin even more. Instead use some moisturising cream.


Avoid Woolen Clothes

Avoid wearing wool and other fabrics that can irritate the skin and make it dry. Instead use cotton clothes where the skin can breathe.

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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