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Things To Know Before Putting Eye Drops


Eye drops are a must for patients who have undergone surgery. They are also a must for those who are suffering from eye infections and other eye related problems. Eye drops are also used to treat dryness and for many, eye drops are used to treat glaucoma. These little bottles are often found in medicine cabinets. So, how well do you know how to use them?

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Experts suggest that one should refrain from using multiple types of eye drops, if not prescribed by a specialist. One should also pay attention to the expiry date as using drops that crossed their expiry date will lead to more complications.

Eye drops are often sold over the counter and they pose a threat when one doesn't follow instructions on how it's supposed to be used. There are certain do's and don'ts when it comes to applying eye drops by yourself. Here are some of the things one should know before using eye drops.

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Note: If you are applying eye drops by yourself, follow this method - Tilt the head backwards and open both the eyes. Now, look at a point on the ceiling. Pull the lower lid of one eye gently to form a pocket for the drop. Position the top of the bottle and allow the drop to fall into the pocket of the eye lid. Don't rub the eye after the application. Close the eye and repeat the same procedure for the next eye.


Don't Apply Too Many Drops

When applying eye drops, it is suggested to drop in one at a time. Placing little drops in the eye will allow the medication to work, otherwise it will roll down the eye and will be a complete waste.


Not All At Once

If prescribed with more than one eye drop, it is advisable to wait for 6 hours before applying the next set of drops. Using both the eye drops might cause a reaction in the eye.


Keep A Track Of The Dose

Keeping a track on the dose is one of the things to know before applying eye drops. Missing doses or overuse can affect treatment. It is suggested to keep a log chart every time a drop is applied on the eye.


A Watchful Eye On The Date

It is important to store eye drops in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight. It is also vital to check the date of manufacture and expiration before purchasing the eye drops. This is one of the many things to know before using eye drops.


Regular Eye Checkups

Patients who are suffering from severe eye problems or constant eye problems should make it a point to visit the doctor regularly. This helps keep track of the treatment.



If witnessing any problem with the eye, it is important to not opt for self-diagnosing. Visit the nearest specialist immediately to treat the problem.


Place It The Right Way

You should aim the drop in the outer portion of the eye and not the inner corner of the eye. After application of the drop, one should not blink excessively or rapidly. By doing so, it will pump the medication out of the eye, as opposed to moving it around.

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