Vitamins & Tips Your Eyes Will Love!

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Just like how your skin needs pampering, your eyes too need a lot of care and love. Eating the right type of foods and feeding your tummy with the right amount of vitamins will help keep your eyes healthy and bright, life long.

Doing the little things like protecting your eyes from direct sunlight and rinsing them regularly to remove dust are some of the best tips and ways to keep your eyes healthy. These vitamins mentioned on the list are found in fruits and vegetables, sea food too.


All you need to do is add these foods to your daily diet to help treat your eyes will special care and love. Also, if you can pamper your eyes with natural drops once in a month, that too will work in keeping them bright, clear and healthy.

Follow these simple tips for better eye health!


Almond Milk

Drink almond milk twice in the week, if you are suffering from an eye problem. Almond contain a high source of vitamin E which is not only good for your skin, but your eyes too. Add a pinch of pepper too if you want to make the almond milk spicy.


Carrot Juice

One of the best vegetables you can consume for your eyes is carrot. Add one tablespoon of coconut powder to the juice and one tablespoon of honey too. This carrot juice is the best and will aid in faster repair of eye health if there is any damage.


Fennel Seeds

Soak a handful of fennel seeds overnight. Drink this healthy water the next morning on an empty stomach. Drinking fennel water will improve your eyesight if you are suffering from cataract.


Gooseberry Milk

Warm gooseberry milk is the best treatment you can give your eyes. It should be drunk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Gooseberry also aids in losing weight.


Castor Oil Drops

If you want to improve your eyesight, one of the things you can do is apply two drops of castor oil into each eye. If your eye itches, don't use the oil.


Vitamin E Foods

Fish, almonds, carrot, eggs, sunflower seeds, papayas are some of the vitamin E foods you can consume to look after eye health. Make these foods a habit to your daily diet.


Vitamin A Foods

Guavas, oranges, pineapple, red and green chili, bell pepper when added to your daily diet will help to prevent eye problems as you age. So, it is best to consume these healthy vitamins for your eyes in your younger years.


Vitamin C Foods

Foods that are rich in vitamin C are good for your eyes. Watermelon, milk, tomatoes, lettuce, grapefruits are foods you can indulge in to look after your eyes.

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