Things You Have To Know About Antibiotics

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People are satisfied only if they are prescribed with antibiotics, whether it is for a runny nose or cough. This is because of the wrong concept that antibiotics can cure anything that comes with the symptoms of fever or cold. It is important that you know more facts about antibiotics, which can save you from unwanted health complications.

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There are certain medical rules that you have to follow for taking or avoiding antibiotics. The first and foremost thing to do is to avoid self-medication. It is natural that everybody seeks fast relief from sickness. But, using too much of medications can be harmful, if it is not taken under expert supervision. Antibiotic resistance is one of the common problems that we face due to improper use of antibiotics. Never keep antibiotics in your medicine kit for later use.

You can keep yourself and your family on a safer side by knowing the basic things about antibiotics. If you are wondering what you must know about antibiotics, here we are discussing some of the most important points.

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These are some of the important facts about antibiotics that you should know.


Complete The Course

Do you stop taking antibiotics once your symptoms have subsided? If so, know that this is a wrong practice. Once you start taking antibiotics, it is important to complete the course of the medicine. Stopping the medication in between will cause the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that may relapse the disease condition and leave you feeling sick again.


Not A Magic Drug

Antibiotics are designed specifically for acting against bacteria. If you are taking self-medications for your fever or cold symptoms, this can have dangerous effects. If you are suffering from viral infections, antibiotics can have nothing to do with curing the disease. This will also harm the normal commensals present in your intestine.


Take Probiotics

Antibiotics can kill the normal commensal bacteria of your intestine while acting against the disease-causing bacteria. So, never avoid taking probiotics prescribed by your physician. Remember that those who avoid probiotics have greater chances of developing gastrointestinal disturbances during and after the course of antibiotics.


Side Effects

Always remember that like any other medications, antibiotics will also have side effects. Allergic reactions to antibiotics are one of the most popular side effects of antibiotics. Inform your doctor, if you have experienced any allergic reactions previously while taking antibiotics.


During Pregnancy

When you are a pregnant, you have to be extra careful about what you are taking. It is better to avoid taking any antibiotics, during pregnancy. But, there are situations when you have to take antibiotics. In such cases, take medications only under the strict supervision of your doctor.


Keep The Timings

Remember to take your antibiotics at the correct time as prescribed by your physician. Skipping antibiotics or changing the timings will not give you the desired effects. This is one of the most important things you must know about antibiotics.


Dose For Children

While giving antibiotics to your children, you have to be very careful about the dose. Overdose of antibiotics are harmful for children. Never share your antibiotics with your children. There are antibiotics available in the market today that are specially made for children.

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