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10 Superfoods For Christmas 2015

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Tis the season to be jolly, tis the season to eat well too!

Christmas comes once a year, and people who are diet conscious refrain from eating those yummy bites laid out on the dining table. According to studies, it is often known that Christmas foods are extremely high in carbs and calories, but a recent research has shown that there are hidden superfoods in a Christmas meal that is in fact good for the body.

These superfoods have properties that help to boost the body's immunity and even prevent major diseases related to the heart and other organs in the body. By consuming these superfoods for Christmas, you are only feeding the body with healthy treats.

So, for those of you who are health conscious and have been avoiding these amazing delights at Christmas, you should reconsider to add these superfoods to your plate. However, it is suggested that you don't over do the quantity, as an overdose of these foods can make you feel more lazy and lethargic.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these 10 awesome superfoods to add to your Christmas festivities. Also, include some of these foods as a snack when you get hungry.



Turkey is one of the main ingredients that you would find on a dining table during Christmas. Turkey is a healthier lean meat to chicken, as it contains higher amounts of proteins and high levels of tryptophan, which help to enhance the mood and promote better sleep.



Did you know that salmon is an extremely healthy type of fish that helps to keep heart diseases at bay? Salmon is a powerful superfood that also helps in improving the body's immunity. One piece of salmon fish contains vitamin B12 and selenium that help in regulating the body's blood pressure.


Red Wine

Red wine (and the grapes it's made from) contains a compound called resveratrol, which acts as an antioxidant and seems to fight inflammation and blood clots well.



Cranberries are loaded with vitamin C. One cup of cranberries consumed as it is, or in a juice form, can help prevent stomach ailments during the festive season. This powerful superfood can also help to treat UTI infection, since it contains anti-inflammatory properties.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene, fibre and antioxidants, which are important factors to keep ourselves healthy. Add boiled sweet potatoes to your meal and notice how energetic you'll feel after 15 minutes.


Green Peas

Green peas is another superfood for Christmas 2015. Green peas are loaded with sodium, less amount of calories, energy and fibre, which when consumed can help to prevent hunger pangs and over eating.



Pumpkin flesh and seeds are simply the best for pregnant women to consume. This superfood for Christmas should be consumed to also prevent cancer and atherosclerosis. This veggie will also provide you with a good amount of vitamin C, which is beneficial in treating a lot of health conditions.


Wheat Dinner Rolls

A good consumption of fibre can help to protect the body from a lot of diseases, especially those that are related to the heart. Wheat dinner rolls should be consumed during the Christmas season, as it also promotes and maintains regular bowel movements, which therefore prevents stomach cancer too.


Leafy Stuffings

Leafy greens are usually used as stuffings in turkey and roast chicken. Leafy greens are a powerful superfood for Christmas, as one bowl of kale or spinach can provide your body with energy and increase the iron levels.


Fruity Dessert

No meal is complete without a dessert. If you want to wrap your meal on a sweet note, opt for a fruit salad or chopped fat-burning fruits.

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