10 Reasons Why You Are Tired

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Being active during the start of the day is a sign that you are healthy. But if you feel tired constantly, then it means you are having an unhealthy lifestyle. Today, in this article we are here to discuss about the reasons why you are tired.

If you are feeling sluggish or drained out, its time to change your lifestyle habits. Certain daily habits make us tired over a period of time. Check out the most common ten reasons that can make you tired.

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Being tired constantly makes life miserable. It can cause many health issues as well. You tend to gain weight and slip into depression if you are tired over a period of time. In order to over come this tiredness you need to plan your day in such a way that it keeps you busy. Eating healthy food is one of the keys to avoid being tired.

Read on to know more about the reasons why you are tired mainly.

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Skip Exercise

If you are lazy and think that by not exercising you are going to save some energy then you are wrong my friend. Studies reveal that people who work for at least 20 mins experience less fatigue and are more energised compared to people who skip exercise.



Being dehydrated for a long time causes reduction of oxygen in blood which makes your blood thicker and it becomes tough for the heart to pump it easily. To avoid this, drink lots of water.


Less Iron Intake

Deficiency of iron makes a person feel sluggish, tired and weak. This is one of the reasons why you are tired. Boost your iron content by eating foods that are rich in iron.


Being Perfectionist

When you work really hard to achieve your goals, you end up working for longer hours even without realising that your body needs rest. Make sure you take small breaks every two hours to revive your lost energy.


You Over Think

Constantly racking your brain about things that do not exist or over exaggerating things that can be sorted out easily makes you stressed and you tend to feel tired as you lose a lot of energy. Avoid being a cry baby for no reason.


Skipping Breakfast

Eating breakfast is a crucial thing to do every morning. Our body needs the nourishment for the day start as you would have had your last meal around 10-12 hours back. When you miss your breakfast, it makes you feel weak and tired.


Trouble Saying “NO”

When it comes to doing extra work or to please your boss, you end up working really hard. This drains out a lot of energy and is one of the ten reasons why you are tired.


Unorganised Desk

If things are not organised at your desk and are scattered around it restricts your ability to focus which limits your brain's ability to process information. So, in order to avoid this, make sure your desk is organised.


Alcohol Intake Before Bed Time

If you think drinking a glass of beer or wine before bed can help you get better sleep then you are wrong. This trick back fires as you tend to wake up even before you complete your sleep routine. This makes you weak and tired.


Sleepless Weekends

You think that sleeping during weekends will end your weekend soon then it is a stupid thought. The clock doesn't change. Make sure you so not miss your beauty sleep during weekends so that you do not feel tired during the week.

If you have any suggestions or points that you think adds more stress to your life then do share with us.

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