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6 Fitness Facts Every Woman Should Know

By: Syeda Farah Noor
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These days it is very important that we need to stay healthy and fit. In order to get that toned body one needs to strictly follow a regime. Today, we here at Boldsky are going to share about the six fitness facts every woman should know.

As a woman starts aging she doesn't give much importance to her looks. Be it being fat or being lazy for a nice spa. These things often take a back seat as they grow old. This laid back attitude makes matters worse for you which in a way affect your health.

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As we grow older it becomes more important and necessary that we lose weight and are toned in a healthy way. In order to achieve this, there a fitness regime that needs to be followed thoroughly.

Today, let us discuss about the 6 Fitness Facts Every Woman Should Know in this article today. Read on, to know more..

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Avoid Obesity

If you have been thin during your teens or have been struggling to put on those extra kilos realise that you have been putting on weight drastically then it is a point of concern. Pull up your socks and start exercising as it is one of the 6 fitness facts every woman should know.


Importance Of De-stressing

Being tensed all the time leads to many health issues like high blood pressure. Instead try to keep yourself calm by doing something really productive.



A 30 min walking session makes you shed those extra pounds that you have gained. Walk atleast for 30 mins to stay fit and toned.


Muscle Pain

Never ever try to ignore the fact that you facing any muscle or joint pain. This can be a symptom of not being healthy. If the pain is persistent then it is a symptom if you being healthy.


Weight Training

If you plan to join a gym make sure you take the help of the volunteer as doing exercise that is not meant for your body type can cause hurt easily.


Consistency In Workouts

To get the best results after you join gym make sure you exercise regularly as the best results are seen after atleast 12 weeks.

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