10 Foods That Kill Your Energy

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Food is one of the important things that human beings live for. It is the most important thing that keeps you alive and lets you enjoy your life. It is the foods and drinks that keep your body functioning healthy and rhythmic. Eating habit of a person always differs from the others. If Sushi is the popular food of Japan, burgers win over the market of the USA. Such differences give birth to different cuisines and allows human kind to taste a variety of foods.

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But you can’t forget about the benefits of the foods. Along with lighting up your taste buds, foods are necessary to keep you energetic and fit. In today’s life, you’re always in haste. Stress, anxiety etc. is draining your energy already. So, to be hale and hearty and to start every day anew, you need proper foods. But it sounds scary when you get to know that there are foods that can kill your energy.

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You can’t afford any laid back traits in you or your dear ones' diet. So, beware of foods that kill your energy. Here is a list of 10 foods that kill your energy, but there are more-


1. Bagels

This is just a mould of carbohydrate with lots of sugar which only increase your weight. As there are no fibers in bagels, the carbohydrate cannot be transformed into an incessant flow of energy. This happens because it is made of refined flour.


2. Cereal

An easy breakfast to have in a hurry. Do you know this is one of the top 10 foods that kill your energy? Cereals are a combination of carbohydrates and sugar. Sugar increases the excretion of insulin which augments effect of amino acid tryptophan. This component releases into your brain and makes you sleepy.


3. Large Sandwiches

Basically, the market made large sandwiches (popularly known as submarine sandwiches) are made of heavy breads and processed meat which are a source of carbohydrates. Moreover, components like sodium nitrite, MSG, preservatives; artificial colours etc. only leads you to obesity which results in draining energy.


4. Cherries

This is one of those foods that kill your energy. Actually, there is a component in cherry, called melatonin. This works on your nerves and can crash your energy. So, if you want to have cherry, have it at night.


5. Pasteurized Yoghurt

The flavoured and pasteurized yogurt, available at the local markets, are completely an energy killer. The artificial flavour, colour and added sugar make it unhealthy. Besides, such yoghurts lack helpful bacteria. So, this only helps you to gain weight.


6. Fatty Meat

Put a no entry board on your mouth when you see sausages or burgers at breakfast or lunch. These are made of fatty meat, which needs lots of body energy to break it. So, you don't find any enthusiasm while working.


7. Muffins

If you consider 10 foods that kill your energy, include muffin on the list. These tasty and sweet little evils are also full of sugar, carbs, artificial flavour and colour which boost your insulin level and leave you tired. This is also applicable in the case of doughnuts.


8. Pasta

Surprised? Because this is the food that your trainer tells you to have before endurance activities. Yes, it is true that before starting a race or any hard physical activities you need to load yourself with carbs like pasta. But not before the night of the activity.


9. Potato Chips

Potato itself is a source of carbohydrates. Chips are nothing but unhealthy fats and excessive sodium. So, it does nothing but lead you from fit to fat. Also, the heating process of making chips creates a chemical byproduct, acrylamide, which increases the risc of cancer.


10. Oatmeal

You can be shocked to see this in the list of 10 foods that kill your energy. Have it without sugar because it can wash out your afternoon energy. Don't even use honey as it has glucose that can make you sleepy.

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