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Surprising Ways To Lose Weight In 10 Days

If you are able to control your big appetite, you will also be able to control your weight. Having a big appetite means you eat up anything and everything you find.

How to kill appetite naturally? There are best ways tips to lose weight in 10 days that we will discuss with you today.

Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food

This is a good sign although but may create problems such as obesity and heart diseases if you don't eat right. Controlling your appetite is not always possible is important at times for your well being.

You must eat according to the need of your body, when we have are more hungry we eat a lot and then put up those extra calories. You can lose weight without exercise and dieting by these simple tips.

Diet And Nutrition Tips For Women To Lose Weight

Today, Boldsky will share with you some surprising tips to lose weight in 10 days. Have a look at some tips to reduce appetite.


Slow Down Your Meals

It takes 15 minutes to realise that you are actually full after swallowing food. So you need to wait for that time and then have food again if you still feel hungry. If not it means you are done with the food. Use this tip to lose weight in 10 days.


Chew Your Food Properly

How to kill appetite naturally? This will enable you to eat slowly and controls your appetite. There will be signal send from the stomach to the brain that you are full and don't need to eat more.


Eat Before You Get Hungry

This is an effective tip to control your hunger. When we are hungry we tend to eat more food than normal. This results in more secretion of insulin from your pancreases to control the blood sugar.
So eat a little food before getting more hungry.


Drink More Water Than You Think You Need

Water fills up your stomach and makes you feel less hungry. Dehydration can cause a false feeling of hunger. This can lead to overeating. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to control your appetite. This is among the best tips to lose weight in 10 days


Say No To Liquid Calories

To lose weight fast naturally avoid liquid calories. They are easily digested and absorbed and fat. This results in sharp increase in blood sugar level. This will also cause increased hunger and low energy. Avoid carbonated soft drinks, sugary soda drinks and juice etc before meals.


Have Salad Before Meals

This will be a healthy choice and will fill your stomach with fiber and roughage. You will end up having little meals and that too low in calories. As the carbohydrate cravings won't be there after having salad. This is an effective weight loss tip.


Enhance Your Food With Healthy Flavors

Tasty and spicy food makes you feel less hungry. It will also help to stay full for a longer time. You can add more cinnamon and garlic to your food to suppress your hunger. Also add a little more red pepper. This is one of the effective tips to lose weight in 10 days.


Eat A Little Junk

It is a human nature to get attracted to more oily food, junk food and processed food rich in carbohydrates when you are more hungry. You can have a cup of ice cream a small burger to suffice the need of your body before having meals. This will prevent you from indulging into more carbohydrate diet.


Eat With A Pause

This will enable you to have a check on the portions of your meal. It is impossible to eat slowly when hungry, for this have some food before your main meals. You can have curd before meals to suppress


Have Red Chili Before Meals

To lose weight fast, make a snack of red chili in besan and then have some before meals. This can suppress your hunger to a large extent. This is a best tip to lose weight fast naturally.

Story first published: Thursday, April 9, 2015, 13:51 [IST]
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