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Surprising Reasons To Include Sodium In Your Diet

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It is believed that sodium or salt can cause high blood pressure and also increases the risk of heart and kidney disease. But, in reality sodium controls the biological process and keeps us healthy if consumed in moderation. Sodium is a mineral which keeps the body's fluid in balance. Sodium plays a crucial role in the various functions of our body.

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Sodium occurs naturally in some foods. It is extensively present in table salt, celery, milk, processed foods and beets. In today's article, we at Boldsky are listing out a few functions of sodium in your body. Read on to know more about it.

Reasons To Include Sodium In Diet

Heart Function: An imbalance of sodium could affect the function of heart and can lead to severe problems. With the imbalance of sodium, heart contractions become abnormal which increases the risk of heart attacks.

Reasons To Include Sodium In Diet

Nerve Function: Sodium assists proper nerve functioning by regulating nerve impulses. Lack of sodium in the body hinders nerve communication. Sodium deficiency can also cause muscle cramps.

Regulates Blood Pressure: Sodium maintains fluid balance in the body and regulates blood pressure.

Reasons To Include Sodium In Diet

Regulates Glucose: Our body requires sodium to regulate glucose in the body. Sodium binds the glucose and helps it to enter into the bloodstream easily.

Aids in digestion: Consuming salt in your diet also helps in digestion and promotes proper kidney functioning. It also helps to retain nutrients in the body.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 12:57 [IST]
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