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6 Common Remedies We All Need To Know

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When it comes to our health, we need to select the best things that can keep us healthy and strong. So, We do everything from selecting the best fat free food to trying out different types of exercises and asanas. But when it ill, we opt to go to the best doctor and rely on medicines prescribed.

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A little do we know that we do not have to go to a doctor for every little ailment we may suffer from. You can try some home remedies that work best for the illness. Today, we are here to discuss about the six most common remedies that we all need to know.

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These home remedies are easy to try and can be really worth trying as they are quite effective. Read on to know about the most common remedies that we all need to know.


Mouth Ulcers

Did you know that eating a ripe banana with honey can offer instant relief to mouth ulcers? Well it does. For better results you can make a paste and apply it on the affected areas.


Premature Graying Of Hair

Are you suffering from premature graying of hair and are not willing to try dyes on your gray hair this soon? Then try this trick: Take few dry amlas and boil it along with some coconut oil. Apply this oil on your hair.


High BP

To control your high blood pressure, have an amla with milk daily as this helps to maintain normal blood pressure. Note: For best results have this in morning.


Sore Throat

Eating mint for sore throat is not the only solution. You can boil few basil leaves in water for a while until its juices are released. Gargle with this mixture for better results.


Menstrual Pain

Tired of the cramps and pain every month? Try this simple and most common home remedy to get instant relief from menstrual pain. Make a juice of 2-3 lemons in cold water drink this for instant relief.


Dark Circles

This is the best home remedy to look beautiful without your dark circles. Make a mix of orange juice along with few drops of glycerin and apply around your eyes. This helps to lighten the dark circles.

If you have any simple home remedies that can be shared, feel free to tell us about them in the comments section.

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