7 Protein Rich Veggies For Those Who Hate Meat

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How do you ensure that you get just the right amount of protein for yourself? With increasing awareness in health and nutrition the knowledge of protein requirement has caught attention. For those who are lovers of non-vegetarian foods there is no real problem in this area. As is always known, meats are the best sources of protein.

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But what if you do not like meats? How do you get your protein pack everyday? Do not worry. Meats are not the only sources of proteins. In fact here we list down 7 protein rich veggies for those who hate meat. You got it right. Vegetables too are a good source of protein. The ratio may be a little less compared to meats but they are equally important. In fact the variety you have here may prompt you to have these even if you are a meat lover.

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These protein rich veggies for those who hate meat offer a very promising alternative to meat. There are various ways in which they can be cooked thereby bringing about a variety in your dishes and giving your palate a good tickle.


Leafy greens

Ever wondered why your mother always wanted you to finish your greens? Why were there so many leafy green dishes at every alternate meal? The answer lies in the fact that these vegetables are considered very high in protein content. As a child the need for protein is essential as protein helps build muscles and provides strength to the body. If you are a parent now your aim would be to see your child gets his or her share.



Peas in a pod are powerhouses of protein. Belonging to the legume group the peas are a vegetarian way of getting a good dose of protein. You can make innumerable dishes out of these - cooked, whole or mashed. In fact when freshly plucked they tend to be sweet and delicious



The American sweet corn is what is now available almost everywhere. You get the whole cob or just the kernels. Boil them, roast them or mash them; have them as part of a meal or simply as a snack. In every manner you are sure to enjoy the sweetness.



Might not have been a regular at meals, especially in India, broccoli can boast of being one of the vegetables that is high in protein content. When buying broccoli make sure to buy the ones that are a dark green. The darker the better. Consume the vegetable before it shows signs of yellowing.



Long, slender and a little hard to the touch - these are for you. These dainty ones are another protein bearing vegetable. You can add them to your soup, noodles, fried rice and even include them as pizza toppings. If you want to asparagus keep it simple just stir fry them in a little bit of olive oil.



Soya bean, we all know, is a very rich source of protein. When immature too these beans carry a protein punch. Known as edamame, the beans are often boiled or steamed in the pod. Once cooked they are shelled and served alongside other main course dishes.



Though not really a vegetable and more of a fungus variety the mushrooms have found their place among vegetable racks. They may be lacking color but the nutrition is not one bit less. In fact one cup of sliced mushrooms can give you approximately 3.9grams of protein.

These were 7 protein rich veggies for those who hate meat. As is the misconception, if one does not have meat, the body will be deficient in protein. It is time to dump that belief and consider the world of protein in a new light. Veggies do contain protein. The need is to identify them and include them in the diet.

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