7 'Unknown' Risks Your Eye Colour Reveals About Your Health

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It is said that "eyes are the mirrors of our soul", as you must have heard people saying that "your eyes can say everything about you". In the same way, your eyes can say much more about your internal health and also warn you about some incoming diseases.

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The colour of your eyes such as blue, hazel, light brown, etc, can reveal what your internal health condition is and what precautions you have to take, in order to avoid it. In this article, you will be surprised to know what your eye colour can reveal about the related health condition.

There can be a risk of cataract, liver diseases, cancer, vitiligo, etc, depending on your eye colour. Therefore, you must know what your eye colour tells about your health. A study has shown that there is a connection between eye colour and multiple disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

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The colour of your eye can help you discover a health-related issue. This article is for your awareness and not to frighten you. After reading this article, if you suspect anything, do visit a doctor to rule out any serious health complication. It is always better to keep yourself well informed, right?


Light Coloured Eyes

If the colour of eyes fades or gets very light from the original colour, it is a sign of macular degeneration. This can cause blindness in aged people who are more than 60 years.


Bright Eye Colour For Pain Tolerance

A study, conducted by the American Pain Society,has shown that women with light and bright eye colour can withstand pain better as compared to women with dark eye colour. This can be seen during the process of giving birth. Women with bright eye color have less anxiety and sleep disturbance due to a good pain tolerance level.


Pale Yellow For Liver Diseases

If there is a sudden change in the colour of eyes, it can predict some major health problems. If eye colour turns pale to yellow, this can detect a liver problem such as jaundice.


Lighter Eyes For Alcohol Tolerance

People with a dark eye colour react to alcohol faster than people who have lighter eyes. This means that people with dark eyes must drink less alcohol when compared to others, as they can be highly sensitive to it.


Dark Coloured Eyes For Cataracts

A study has shown that people with dark eyes have higher chances of developing cataract in their old age. Cataract can result in cloudy eyes and even loss of vision.


Brown, Hazel & Green Eyes For Vitiligo

People with hazel, brown or green eyes are more susceptible for developing vitiligo. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. In this disease, the body's immune system acts against its own skin.


Blue Eyes For Cancer

It has been scientifically proven that people with blue eyes are more prone to developing cancer. People with blue coloured eyes have a sensitive immune system to kill the cancerous cells.

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