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7 Dangerous Everyday Things At Your Home

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We take so many attempts to keep ourselves in good health, without knowing that some products in our home can actually make us sick slowly. These products are present in every household and can pose a great threat to our health. This article will be an eye-opener for most health-conscious people and you should not waste a minute to throw these products away from your homes.

Unknowingly, we use certain products in our home that have harmful effects on the health, but ironically they are made for health-safety purposes, such an antiseptic soap bar. We use it every time and even make our children wash hands with it.

It contains a chemical known as triclosan that has many dangerous health impacts. Even the frequently used cookware and some edible items that we use can be harmful, which we usually ignore.

In this article, we have mentioned some other frequently used products at home that are harmful to us. Take a look at these products and throw them away right this minute.


Artificial Sweeteners

They have become a part of every home and without knowing its harmful health effects we have been using it. Artificial sweetener or zero-calorie sugar contains a chemical known as aspartame. This substance causes diabetes and weight gain.


Non-stick Cookware

The non-stick cookware contains chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that is cancer causing. Excessive heating of non-stick pans on high temperature causes the release of these toxic chemicals from them into the food. Replace them with glass cookware or ceramic instead.


Plastic Bottles And Containers

Plastics contain a toxic substance called bisphenol A (BPA). This substance leaks from the plastic containers into the foods. This can cause infertility, brain damage, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. Therefore, avoid heating and storing foods in plastic containers.


Room Fresheners

These room-freshener spray bottles may refresh and add a pleasant smell to your home, but they invite many deadly diseases too. Never compromise on your health for just a nice-smelling bottle. It contains a toxic chemical called dichlorobenzene, which causes cancer and many health problems.


Anti-bacterial Soaps And Disinfectants

It is not good for your health to always use antiseptic soaps and disinfectants, as they contain triclosan. It has been linked with many health issues such as thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, antibiotic resistance, and they can also interfere with the foetal development in a pregnant woman.


Kitchen Cleaning Products

We normally use liquid-cleaning products to clean window glasses, wash basins, kitchen counters, sinks, etc. Avoid using these cleaning products as they contain hazardous chemicals that are very harmful for your health. You may use natural cleansers instead such as vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, etc.


Rancid Oil And Stale Spices

Spices and a good cooking oil are good for your health. However, they must be used fresh, so that you can avail their health benefits. Storing oil and spices for a longer time can invite many infections to grow on them, which can be later transmitted inside the body as you use them. Also, in rancid oil, the fatty acids are decomposed that can be very harmful for your health.

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