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Remedies For Passing Out Intestinal Gas Or Flatulence

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We need to breathe in gas (air) to live and we also have to release gas from the body to stay healthy. Flatulence or intestinal gas is a common and embarrassing issue we humans face everyday. This wind is generated in the intestinal tract. It is passed through the anus and it is a part of the digestive process.

Releasing gas from the body is important. It avoids stomach bloating and stomach related disorders too. While passing out gas from the body, it smells either nasty or it is odourless. When the fart smells disgusting, it is a sign of an upset tummy or it could be due to the meal you've consumed.

Experts state that intestinal gas can be released with the help of home remedies. These remedies are effective as they not only remove the gas from your belly, but also prevent bloating and cramps accompanied with the problem. On the other hand, one should be aware that there are no remedies to 'stop' farting or flatulence, as it is quite natural for human beings to release air.

Here are some so the best remedies for passing out intestinal gas or flatulence. Take a look at these cures to feel better in time:


Know The Food You Eat

There are a lot of foods which form gas in the stomach after consumption. Foods like radish, fried foods, beans, cabbage, fatty meals, onions, prunes, bananas and more. These foods should be consumed in small portions and even after consumption, one must walk for 10 minutes to aid better digestion. However, it is best to avoid these foods if intestinal gas is a regular problem.


Learn The Art Of Eating Right

Eating in the right manner is important to avoid the build up of flatulence in the stomach. While eating, chew the food to pulp and then swallow. This art of eating right will help prevent intestinal gas in the stomach.


Add Ginger To Your Meal

This root is one of the best home remedies to pass out intestinal gas. Ginger aids in better digestion, and helps stimulate saliva, gastric juice and bile production in the tract, preventing the formation of gas.


Make Use Of Yoga

Practice yoga on a daily basis if intestinal gas becomes a severe problem. Yoga asanas like ‘Pawan Muktasana' and Virasana help push out the gas from the bloated belly with ease.


Digestion Remedies

Following digestive remedies is a must if you're suffering from excessive intestinal gas. Take a walk for 15 minutes post meals, drink a cup of hot tea or sip on small amounts of warm water to aid digestion and consume beetle leaves. These digestive remedies are the best to prevent flatulence.


Follow Table Manners

The intake of larger bites of food will need one to open the mouth wide, which leads to swallowing of air. With the large lumps of foods in your mouth, more saliva is produced while chewing the food to pulp. And, more saliva means more bubbles that trap air that goes into your system; this causes bloated belly and intestinal gas formation.


Say Hello To Natural Gassy Drinks

Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of lemon water. The contents are mixed well and consumed. This water contains natural carbon dioxide which aids in pushing out the intestinal gas from the tract. This home remedy is effective for flatulence.

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