Is There A Diet For Schizophrenia?

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A new study claims that a diet rich in fat (but low-carb) can treat schizophrenia. It is said that nearly one in every hundred people in this world tend to suffer Schizophrenia. It is a chronic mental disorder.

Unfortunately, there are no permanent cures to this disorder. On the other hand, the medications used to treat the condition are said to cause side effects. Sometimes, they may even increase the risk of heart issues, obesity and movement disorder.

Diet For Schizophreni-Girl

As a part of the study, when researchers fed rats with a low-carb fat-rich diet, they observed certain changes in the behaviour of the rats. The symptoms that resemble schizophrenia in animals are relieved a bit.

In fact, the ketogenic diet has been used since long especially to control epilepsy in kids. And of course, fitness enthusiasts prefer this diet for weight loss purposes.

Diet For Schizophrenia- Brain

How does this diet work? It gives a source of alternative energy (ketone-bodies). Also, it can minimise abnormal brain function in people suffering from schizophrenia. This diet may contain high fat foods like butter and cheese.

Diet For Schizophrenia- Woman

The study further claims that rats that are on ketogenic diet tend to weigh less and display low blood sugar levels.
Very little is known about most of the mental disorders and that is why it might take many more years for scientists to come up with permanent cure for some of the mental diseases.

That is why researchers kept an eye on the diet patterns that may at least help control the symptoms of some of the psychological problems.

Diet For Schizophrenia- Man

Consuming a ketogenic diet forces your body to derive energy by burning the ketone bodies for basic energy requirements. In fact, a person who is on such a diet gets his energy from fat. And somehow, this diet is said to affect the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Story first published: Friday, December 18, 2015, 16:05 [IST]
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