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Healthy Alternatives To Caffeine

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Most of us are almost powered by caffeine or at least we feel like that throughout the day. When you feel dull or sleepy in your office, the first thing you generally do is grab a cup of coffee to make yourself feel energetic again.

Factors That Affect Your Mood

But too much of coffee is going to damage your health. Therefore, it is good to try some caffeine alternatives and reduce your coffee consumption.
Are there any healthy caffeine alternatives? Yes there are some which are surely healthy but they may not give you a high like coffee.

The Basics Of Muscle Building

But still, you will feel energetic. Also, consider the damage that caffeine does to your hormones, mood, heart rate blood pressure and your brain; you will surely feel like quitting caffeine.Now, let us discuss about those alternatives.


Lemon Water

Well, lemon water can hydrate your system, enhance your immunity and digestion. Why not try a glass of fresh lemon water instead of a cup of coffee? It also detoxifies your system.



Another great way to feel energetic is listening to peppy songs which inspire you. This can really work when you workout.



Yes, nuts boost your energy levels. As almonds also contain vitamin B, copper and manganese which boost the brain chemistry, you can avoid coffee and snack on these nuts.


Eat A Banana

In fact, eating a banana is one of the best ways to power your body instantly. Cut down your caffeine intake and relish this natural fruit.



This would be the best alternative of all! Yes, your workouts keep you active and energetic for almost the whole day.



Caffeine dehydrates you. But if you cut caffeine and drink enough water, you will feel better and depend less on caffeine.



Consuming a protein-rich food like eggs can also help as an alternative as your energy levels get boosted up.

These are just a few caffeine alternatives. If you know of any, share them with us.

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