Factors That Affect Your Mood

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Most of us do suffer mood swings. Well, what affects your mood? Though so many factors influence your mind and body every moment, we can still control them a bit by changing certain lifestyle habits.

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There are some foods that affect mood and there are some habits that may influence how you feel. In fact, some experts say that the colours around you may also slightly influence your feelings.

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Your stress levels and your activity levels may also impact your moods. In this post, let us discuss about the factors that affect your mood.


Factor #1

Exercise is among the factors that affect your mood. As soon as your start working out, you will start feeling good due to the feel good chemicals like endorphin which are released.


Factor #2

In the name of dieting, some people restrict their food intake and this may influence the moods in several ways. If you are feeling dull due to diet changes, it is better to stop dieting.


Factor #3

Your food influences your moods. A sugary diet may result in mood swings whereas healthy foods keep your moods stable.


Factor #4

When you are sleep deprived, it is quite natural to feel irritated or angry the next day. This clearly means that the quality of sleep dictates the quality of your moods.


Factor #5

Some health experts say that even mindful eating habits can keep your mood positive.


Factor #6

In women, hormonal levels and monthly cycles are some factors that play a role in moods.


Factor #7

The most obvious factor that influences your mood is of course, stress. When you are stressed up, you can't feel happy.


Factor #8

Dehydration could be dangerous on many levels. Yes, it can affect your mood too. Consume enough water.


Factor #9

Health experts say that adequate amount of sunlight is important to feel normal. Yes, sun exposure also impacts your mood.

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