Health Benefits Of Red Onions

By: Ajanta Sen
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Most people dislike eating onions due to the stinky smell it leaves inside the mouth. They have their own reasons to dislike onions, and are not wrong to some extent as well. However, this stinking smell does not make the onions untouchables. As a matter of fact, onions, especially the red onions, have loads of health benefits that make them absolutely an indivisible part of the human food habits. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you may always need the benefits of red onion to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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Also known as Spanish Onions, the red onions have proved their dietary utilities time and again. These onions have many healthy nutrients in them that makes them a rare vegetable. With the benefits of phytochemicals, the red onions are very good options that you can include in your diet. Moreover, they can be very useful while taken in the form of green salads.

Unusual Benefits Of Onions

On many occasions, people prefer eating red onions in sandwiches as well. Most of the users accept the health benefits of red onions. These are equally popular in households and well-known hotels and restaurants. As far as the taste of red onions is concerned, it is an additional benefit for the users.

Some of the top health benefits of red onions are listed in this article:

Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Red Onion

Red Onions have Quercetin:
Presence of quercetin increases the importance of the red onions. It is accepted that Quercetin is very effective for its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Modern science has enhanced the importance of this vegetable for its anti-cancerous effects. Due to this substance, the health benefits of red onions has found its importance in today's worls. This also makes the red onions very effective in fighting common cold and fever. Almost all branches of medical sciences have accepted the benefits of red onions.

Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Red Onion

Allicin Fights Regenerative Ailments and Fungi:
Apart from quercetin, red onions also have allicin that have their own effects on the human diseases. This is extremely good for cardiovascular health. It also fights cancer-causing germs and prevents their growth inside your body. Regular consumption of Spanish onion reduces the blood pressure and keeps it under control. Moreover, the anti-fungal properties of red onions make it a perfect choice for the treatment of various other diseases. Among other benefits of red onions, the substance allicin is found to be very strong in its effect against dandruffs.

Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Red Onion

Rich Source of Organosulphur:
Studies have revealed that red onions are a rich source of organosulphur that is very effective in fighting the causative agents of prostate and stomach cancers. Medical science accepts that organosulphur creates a protective layer while fighting cancer in the prostate glands and stomach. Research processes are on to use this health benefit of red onions in treating cancer patients globally.

Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Red Onion

Onionin A is Also Important:
Red onions also have a compound called onionin A that is found to be very effective in reducing inflammation and pain caused during various ailments. It suppresses the immune cells to reduce the pain both temporarily and permanently. This pain-relieving property of the red onions makes people consume it as a treatment for asthma, allergies and arthritis.

Though there are more benefits of red onions, these are the most prominent ones that have made this vegetable a very important ingredient in our daily dietary needs. So, it is best to ignore the stinky smell it leaves behind and rather be benefitted by its amazing properties.

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