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Food Tricks That Help To Lose Weight And Belly Fat

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It is very simple to lose weight, effortlessly, while eating food. Sometimes, you may feel losing weight is a tedious job, as it takes a toll on your busy schedule, your health (as you eat less) and you end up exercising more.

You must know that little things count a lot, and if we focus on some simple things we can lose many pounds easily.

You must enjoy your foods that give you a feeling of satisfaction, even if you eat less. If you don't enjoy your food, you tend to eat more to get the feeling of the taste. This can in turn lead to weight gain, as you get cravings and then end up eating heavy sugary foods.

Feeling satisfied with your meals is a big thing to achieve for weight loss. Frequent snacking is the result, if you don't enjoy your meals.

We have to trick our body in such a way that our body should feel full and satisfied, despite of eating less. The best part is you won't feel hungry too.

This is what we call as mindful eating, you will get satisfied with less amount of eating and feel full by following these simple tricks.


Take A Few Minutes To Rest

In contrary to the common belief be active immediately after having meals, relax for a while. Relaxing for a few minutes and taking a break from your work can help in proper digestion and boost your metabolism. If you get back to your normal work without even feeling the meal break, your body will tend to store the belly fat. However, it strictly does not mean that you should sleep off.


Eat In A Quite Atmosphere

In this way, you will be mindful about your eating, how much you eat, and also get the feeling of fullness easily. If you eat your meals in a noisy environment, you tend to eat more and fast to get rid of the noise. You also don't enjoy your food.


Never Eat While Standing

Always sit down to eat your food. This will relax your digestive system and you will also eat less. While standing, you won't even realise that you are full and will still feel the same hunger. This will eventually lead to weight gain and a protruded belly.


Never Eat When Your Are Stressed

We always feel hungry and want to eat unhealthy foods such as candies, ice creams, etc, when we feel stressed, sad or upset. This is known as emotional eating, as we eat to settle down our nerves or to get comfort through foods. Avoid eating at that time, rather have water, a walk, or just gulp some fruits instead. Stress eating is the main reason for weight gain and belly fat.


Don't Talk While Chewing Food

This is not only a matter of discipline, but also a matter to be kept in mind for weight loss. When you chew your food properly, your metabolism increases and you also get time to realise that you are full. Your stomach takes some time to give signals to the brain that it is full. When we talk while eating, we fail to realise that we are full and end up in eating more.


Eat Spicy Foods

Spices are well known for their weight loss and metabolism-boosting properties. Avoid eating bland foods, rather add some spices to your meals. Spicy food will also give you a feeling of fullness and make you eat less. Foods rich in spices tend to reduce belly fat as well by increasing the metabolism.


Don't Eat Until The Previous Meal Has Been Digested

Overlapping foods in your stomach can lead to weight gain and accumulation of belly fat. Don't eat anything, until your previous meal has been properly digested. Eat when you feel a little hungry and also don't let hunger overwhelm you. You tend to eat more, all at once, when you starve yourself, hence you should avoid doing this.

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