Does Dehydration Make You Fat?

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Is dehydration dangerous? Yes, very dangerous. We all know that we can't live without water. There is more to know. Dehydration causes several other problems. It can cause headaches and fatigue; it can affect your kidneys, skin and digestion too. And yes, it can make you obese too! 

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If you have the habit of drinking water only when you feel thirsty, then it is high time you hydrate your system well before your body gets affected.

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In fact, drink a bottle of water soon after waking up. Also, reduce your soda consumption as your body loses its water content. Both sodas and coffee may deprive your body of water.

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Now, read on to know how dehydration affects your body.



Dehydration causes weakness which might make you eat heavily for energy levels. But in fact, when you are thirsty, you need to drink water.



When there isn't much water, the waste materials in your intestines tend to move pretty slow. This may lead to constipation too.



Do you know that your body tends to produce higher levels of cholesterol when dehydrated? Well, it does so to prevent the loss of water in the body.



Dehydration may also affect your airways which may lead to breathing issues or allergies.


It Can Cause Fatigue

Your body needs water to carry on with its activities. When your system lacks enough water, certain metabolic activities slow down and this may make you feel tired. So, water is also a source of energy.


Your BP Increases

Do you know why your blood pressure goes high when you are dehydrated? Well, your blood may get a bit thicker due to insufficient water levels. This may affect its flow and this increases its pressure.


Your Skin Suffers

When your body lacks enough water, it fails to flush out toxins and this may affect your skin. Various disorders like dermatitis and premature wrinkles may occur.


How Kidneys Get Affected

When waste products get accumulated in your kidneys, due to dehydration, it may cause kidney infection. Your kidneys need water to push the waste out.



Even your joints need water to function well as parts of the cartilage are predominantly water. Your joints may become weaker without water.



Both acid reflux and ulcers can occur when your body lacks certain minerals and even water. Water is very important for your digestive system.



Most of your organs along with your skin age faster when you are dehydrated for long.

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