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    Are Sugar-Free Drinks Bad For Teeth?


    Are sugar free drinks bad for teeth? Recently, dentists have concluded that even sugar free drinks are bad for teeth. Most of us do try to avoid sugary drinks and embrace sugar free drinks thinking that they can prevent tooth decay but we are wrong, say experts.

    Dentists warn even sugar free drinks can lead to tooth decay. The research was conducted on more than 20 drinks in which even sports drinks were included.

    Sugar Free Drinks Bad For Teeth-

    As most of such drinks contain acidic additives, they may damage the dental enamel. This applies to even sugar free drinks.

    The presence of chemicals and certain acids in most of the sugar free drinks could easily wear away the teeth according to researchers. Of course, you may reduce your sugar intake a bit but you are harming your dental health if you are relying on these sugar free drinks.

    Are Sugar-Free Drinks Bad For Teeth- Energy

    The problem is that most of the acids present in many foods as well as beverages which are labeled as sugar free may cause dental erosion.

    When the tissues of the teeth are dissolved by acidic action on teeth, dental decay occurs. The surface layer of the teeth enamel may be stripped away gradually.

    Are Sugar-Free Drinks Bad For Teeth- Soft Drinks

    Researchers studied the teeth of many people who have consumed all types of drinks and the study concluded that most of the sports drinks and soft drinks softened the enamel by nearly 50%.

    Sugar Free Drinks Bad For Teeth- Coloured Water

    This study finalised that even sugar free drinks damage the surface of your teeth. So, both sugary drinks and sugar free drinks are equally dangerous to your dental health.

    Are Sugar-Free Drinks Bad For Teeth- Colas

    So, if you have included such drinks in your weight loss diet thinking that only calories make all the difference to your health, remember that even dental health is important. So, stay away from all kinds of acidic foods and drinks that damage both dental health and overall health.

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