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10 Unknown Causes Of Chronic Indigestion

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We all go through bouts of indigestion and gas from time to time. Sometimes, we eat bad food that leads to indigestion. Eating at odd hours can also cause acid reflux. However, if you cannot digest anything that you are eating, then there is a problem with your health that has to be addressed immediately. The causes of chronic indigestion are sometimes unknown to us. However, these causes of chronic indigestion and gas must be treated without delay.

Indigestion is a common health problem only is it happens once in a while. If you are living on antacids and digestive enzymes, then there is something wrong with your system. Thus, you need to make yourself aware of the causes of chronic acidity so that you can treat them without further delay. If untreated, these causes of chronic indigestion can have serious implications.

Apart from the common causes of acid reflux, there are some causes of chronic indigestion that are not often heard of. In fact, your problems with digestion can be caused by some other health problems. So find out what are the hidden causes of chronic indigestion and gas.


Stomach Ulcers

If you have been eating at odd hours over a period of time, you will develop stomach ulcers. These ulcers happen because the enzymes get secreted when you are hungry and when they do not get any food to digest, they erode your stomach lining.



Smoking can corrode the inner lining of your stomach. Most smokers develop certain chronic indigestion problems over a period of years.


Deficiency Of Vitamin B12

The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can be one of the causes of chronic acidity. This vitamin is rarely found in vegetables and thus, vegans often have a deficiency of this nutrient.



If you are pregnant, you will find it difficult to keep your food down. This is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. It is mainly owing to soaring hormones that imbalance your digestive system.


Stomach Infections

Sometimes minor stomach infections go untreated for a long period of time. If you do not cure the infection from its roots, you will continue to suffer from indigestion and gas problems everyday.



Being obese puts pressure on your stomach and hinders the digestion of food. Sometimes, obesity leads to hormonal imbalances that cause chronic acidity problems.



If you do not get proper 8 hours of sleep, it makes your digestive system slow. Sometimes, your digestive system revolts against the food you are eating because your body is deprived of sleep.



If you have a liver related disease called jaundice, you do not feel like eating. And whatever little food you can eat you won't be able to digest.


Drug Allergy

Sometimes, certain types of medication can lead to acid reflux. When you take these medicines, you must have an antacid first.



IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a condition in which you cannot digest anything. Sometimes, even water can cause a acid reflux. IBS usually happens to people who have very irregular food habits. You should ideally find a herbal method to treat IBS.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 12:07 [IST]
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