10 Tips To Soothe Sensitive Teeth

By Staff

How to soothe sensitive teeth? Well, when you bite your favourite sweet or sip your favourite beverage, if your teeth suddenly experience painful sensations, it can be understood that you have sensitive teeth.

It is a very painful condition. It prevents you from touching your favourite sweets or drinks. Well, there are so many reasons why teeth go sensitive but let us discuss how to soothe sensitive teeth in this article.

Maintain Dental Health With These Tips

As there are many reasons behind sensitivity, even a dentist needs to examine your case and investigate a bit to detect the exact reasons behind your sensitivity. Some cases require root canal treatment too. If the pain is experienced just once or twice, you can ignore it but if it becomes a daily occurrence, then you must know certain tips to deal with your sensitivity. Here are a few of those tips.


Use a sensitive toothpaste

When you go to the supermarket, ensure that you buy a toothpaste that is specially made for people with sensitive teeth. You can apply the toothpaste on your teeth with the help of your finger before you go to sleep. After a few weeks, you will find relief.


Your toothbrush must be soft-bristled

Use a toothbrush that comes with soft bristles. There are so many types of toothbrushes available today in the market but you must carefully choose yours. Before you buy one, see whether it is soft enough to deal with your painful teeth.


Your mouthwash should contain fluoride

How to soothe sensitive teeth pain? When buying any oral care product, you must see whether it contains fluoride. Rinsing your teeth with fluoride will help you deal with your sensitivity in a better way. Try to rinse your mouth after you finish brushing your teeth.


Stay away from acidic foods

Avoid consuming acidic foods. They contribute to the pain and sensitivity. Also, avoid wine and soft drinks. If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, you might experience mild pain when you eat sugary foods too.


Visit the dentist if you have a 'grinding teeth' problem

Some people have the habit of grinding their teeth unconsciously when they are asleep. If you have that habit, it is better to visit a doctor who can suggest you a dental shield that will prevent the grinding process of your teeth during sleep. Grinding might affect the enamel and that's how this problem contributes to sensitivity.


Prevent plaque buildup

Do you know the fact that plaque buildup causes sensitivity? Ensure that you brush your teeth 2-3 times a day to prevent plaque buildup.


Use baking soda

When the enamel gets damaged, your teeth might face the risk of sensitivity. How to soothe sensitive teeth at home? It is better to wash your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water. You may gradually get some relief.


Chewing gum

It is good to chew a sugarless gum as it produces more saliva in your mouth. Ensure that you don't go for a sweet chewing gum as the sugar content in it may again pose a problem.


Stay away from smoking and chewing tobacco

f you are wondering how to soothe sensitive teeth, it is always better to stay away from certain bad habits as they pose several problems to your overall health. As far as smoking and chewing tobacco are concerned, they directly or indirectly contribute to your sensitivity and hence it is better to stay away from such habits.


Maintain proper oral hygiene

What helps soothe sensitive teeth? Well, it goes without saying that good oral health cannot be guaranteed unless oral hygiene is followed. So, ensure that you brush and floss regularly. Also, use a mouthwash and ensure that your teeth are always fresh and clean.

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