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Healthy Ways Of Eating Sabudana: Janmashtami Spcl


Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna and holds a huge significance among Hindus. A large number of people fast on this day for the well being of their family and blessing of the lord Krishna.

This year Janmashtami falls on Saturday, 24th August. However, the fast is very difficult as it lasts till midnight because it is the time when Lord Krishna was born. That's why it is important to stay healthy while fasting for Janmashtami. Most people eat sabudana dishes on this day. However, it is essential that you chose a healthy way to eat sabudana.


Eating fried sabudana vadas or cutlets will not help your stomach that is already starved and acidic. That is why, you must opt for eating sabudana in healthy and nutritious ways. You must be aware that sabudana is exceedingly rich in calories. So there absolutely no need to make it all the more fattening by frying or sauteing it.

You can utilise the health benefits of sabudana much better if you choose to cook it in healthy ways. There are also some restrictions imposed by the fasting rules of Hinduism. So here are some of the healthy ways in which you can eat sabudana if you are fasting for Janmashtami.


With Milk

Usually, sabudana is boiled with milk and eaten by many people who fast. You get the proteins from milk and the bulk to fill you up from sabudana.



Sabudana is also eaten plain with salt and lemon juice by some people fasting on Janmashtami. It is the best to have plain sabudana because the chances of getting acidity in this way is minimum.


Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana can be prepared in the pressure cooker with minimum spices in the form of khichdi. You can also add vegetable to this dish in order to make it more nutritious and tasty.


Sabudana Idli

Idli is a very healthy way to consume carbs. It is healthy because the chances of getting acid reflux from eating sabudana in this form is minimal.


Mashed Sabudana

Just like you can have mashed potatoes, mashed sabudana is also a very tasty dish. This fasting dish is eaten by many devotees because it is simple, uncooked and healthy.


Sabudana Kheer

While boiling sabudana with milk, if you add a little sugar, you get sabudana kheer. This recipe can easily be made healthy by adding honey to the kheer instead of sugar.


Sabubana Poha

Poha is usually made from flattened rice. But sabudana can also be used to make this dish. It has minimal oil and spices which makes it a healthy way to eat sabudana.


Sabudana Raita

Instead of milk, if you mix boiled sabudana with curd, you get sabudana raita. Milk might be a little heavy to digest for you after fasting for the whole day. But curd is good for your gut and will soothe your digestive system.

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