Vegetables That Makes You Gassy

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The feeling of being gassy when your stomach is taut and hollow is not a very good one. We all try to avoid gas producing foods. It is standard practice to assume that foods which produce gas are fried, oily or spicy. But this is not always true. Some vegetables also make you gassy. It is not necessary that fried or curried vegetables will make you gassy.

In fact, it is raw vegetables that makes you gassy to a greatest extent. Certain types of vegetables are difficult to digest. For example, starch-rich vegetables take time to get digested. This is because too much starch is heavy on the stomach. So starch-rich foods produce gas and make you uncomfortable.

Another type of vegetables that make you gassy are the members of the cruciferous family. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce etc they all have one thing in common; they are prone to producing gas in your stomach. Fructose-rich or sweet vegetables also do not get digested easily.

Here are some of the vegetables that make you gassy to very large extent.



Turnips cause a massive amount of bloating because they are highly fibrous. Turnips are also famous for producing really foul-smelling farts!



Just like turnips, broccoli also has a very high fibre content. It is thus difficult to digest and causes gas in the stomach. Broccoli becomes easier to digest when it its boiled.



Cabbage is another leafy vegetable that is known for causing gas. Cabbage is specially difficult to digest if you have it raw in salads. So if you have a digestion problem, have cooked cabbage.



Starch-rich vegetables are difficult to digest because they are heavy on the stomach. Potatoes, especially if they are fried takes a very long time to get digested. So, it is better to have boiled potatoes than fried or baked ones.



Onions are very rich in fructose or natural sugars. This makes them difficult to digest. So when you add onion to your curries, you are making them difficult to digest.



Another fibre-rich member of the cruciferous family of vegetables that causes gas. Cauliflower is very difficult to digest because of its complex dietary fibres. Do not have it at odd hours or in between meals.



Beans are legumes. They are also starchy and contains the sugar called raffinose. Now both starch and raffinose are very tough to digest.



Artichokes may not look sweet but they are very high in fructose. So artichokes are also difficult to digest and make you gassy like onions.


Brussels Sprouts

Just like the other fibre-rich green leafy vegetables, Brussel sprouts are also pretty hard on your stomach. Try to have them at proper meal times to avoid gas and bloating.



Peas are legumes and thus rich in the complex sugar raffinose. Too much of peas can make you very gassy; especially if you are having them raw.

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Story first published: Friday, March 22, 2013, 19:04 [IST]
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