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Tricks To Avoid Afternoon Slump At Work


After a work-filled morning which is followed by a heavy lunch, you tend to feel tired and slump during the afternoon. This is a common problems working professionals go through on a regular basis. We start running for work from early morning and after a heavy meal, the body gets tired as glucose levels goes down drastically.

This is the time when you feel slump and want to take a nap. Lazy afternoons can also give you a headache simply because your body is too tired and requires sleep. And it gets really tough to beat the afternoon lump or laziness. However, we have noted down some tricks that can help you feel energised after a heavy afternoon meal.

For example, going out for a small walk can help you feel energised after the lunch. You can also talk to your colleagues for a few minutes to freshen up your mind and this will make you feel energised to work again in office.

To avoid feeling slump in the afternoon, you must watch out on what you are eating. For instance, eating rich foods can slower digestion. All the body's energy will be spend on breaking down the food particles and help it digest. This in turn will make you feel slump in the afternoon. Eating light is the key to stay energised in the afternoon.

Tricks To Avoid Afternoon Slump At Work:


Eat Light

To avoid afternoon slump, have a light meal. The lunch can be light as well as filling at the same time. For example, salads can be digested easily. They are filling, nutritious and healthy.


Listen To Music

Listening to some music after a heavy meal will energise you and also prevent you from feeling sleepy. Fast music can be one of the best option to boost up your lazy body.


Stretch A Little

Stretching or doing some isometric exercises is one of the tricks to avoid afternoon slump. Stretching opens up the tired muscles, refreshes your body and mind.


Have Mint

Mint is a strong flavour that can freshen you up instantly. Chew on some mint if you are feeling sleepy after eating a heavy lunch.


Leave Your System, Go Out

It is another trick to avoid afternoon slump. If you had a heavy lunch, go out for a small walk. It will ease digestion and also boost the immune system.


Talk To A Colleague

If you are working and the heavy lunch is making you sleepy, go and talk to your colleague. Sitting in front of the system and doing the same task will make you feel all the more sluggish.



A cup of coffee will definitely help you avoid afternoon slump. If you want, you can also have a cup of tea to freshen up your tired mood.



If you are feeling sleepy and tired after a heavy lunch, pick up your cellphone and call someone who makes you happy. It will change your mood completely.


Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate boosts the immune system as it raises the glucose levels in the body. Now you have an excuse to have the delicious dessert after lunch.


Drink Water

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, but also boosts your body's metabolism. Water retention in the body makes you feel more tired.

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