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Foods High In Zinc For Women During Menstruation


Apart from other minerals and elements that your body requires, zinc is one of the many minerals which is important in your daily diet. The role of zinc in your body plays an enormous role in cell metabolism and it is surely a zest in one's life. The presence of zinc in the body boosts one's immunity, it helps in curing minor cuts, fight infections and above all helps in growth and maintenance of body muscles.

It is believed that men require more zinc in their body when compared to women. But women require the same amount of zinc in for various purposes like pregnancy and vitally important during the time of menstruation.

During menstruation a woman is supposed to consume a lot of zinc and iodine which is good for her period flow. Foods high in zinc are efficient for reducing the negative effects associated with menstruation like abdominal cramps and dysmenorrhea. In a recent study, it is stated that foods high in zinc will reduce the intensity of PMS in most of the women. There are some foods high in zinc which women should consume for a happy and painless menstruation.

The list of foods high in zinc can also be consumed one week prior to your menstruation date.


Watermelon seeds

This juicy fruit is used to cure eye problems, ulcers, stomach infections and other related health problems. During menstruation, watermelon seeds should be consumed because it has zinc content which is important for good circulation of blood. Chewing on watermelon seeds once in a while when you consume this healthy fruit is beneficial for you.



Most people resent this shell fish because of its foul smell. Crab is a so called 'heat food' which is good to be consumed during menstruation. However, do not over eat crab meat as it can lead to painful cramps due to the heat.



The intake of yogurt for women during menstruation is vitally important. Yogurt is a food high in zinc when compared to other dairy products.



Another type of seafood which attracts only a few taste buds is shrimps. Shrimp is healthy for women during menstruation since it contains minerals like zinc and vitamins to ease your dysmenorrhea (painful cramps).


Toasted wheat germ

Wheat in the form of rotis, should be consumed by women during menstruation. Wheat rotis is a food high in zinc which is beneficial especially for girls who have recently started menstruating.


Pumpkin seeds

The dry pumpkin seeds share the same importance to watermelon seeds. However, both of these seeds should not be consumed at once. A weekly diet of watermelon and pumpkin seeds should be followed at intervals.



The canned food, luncheon, which has become quite popular in Asia has brought about new health benefits for women. Luncheon consists of the exact amount of zinc which is present in raw veel. However, women who consume luncheon during menstruation will help to end the feeling of nausea.



In India spices is added in almost every Indian dish. Spices like cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon will help to regulate cell division and curb the loss of appetite. It can also help with the painful cramps which is common for women during menstruation.

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Story first published: Friday, July 5, 2013, 16:03 [IST]