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Why Red Meat Is Unhealthy?

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Non-vegetarians love to eat juicy meat sticks. But, red meat has often been considered as unhealthy. People believe that red meat is healthy for the body but, a majority don't know that red meat is unhealthy. Many people believe that red meat is a rich source of proteins and minerals. But, a new study suggests that eating excessive red meat can shorten the life span of a person whereas, eating poultry can prolong life. So, is red meat unhealthy for your body? Find out...

Why red meat is unhealthy?

Red Meat

Cause behind heart diseases: Eating too much of red meat can cause heart diseases. This is because red meat has saturated fats that can block the arteries and lead to chronic diseases. But, you should not stop having red meat completely. Even rice, butter, cheese etc have saturated fats, still we have them at times. Similarly, you can have red meat occasionally but, only in limited amounts. Atherosclerosis is another health problem that can happen if you eat excessive red meat. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the saturated animal fat deposits in the artery walls thus blocking the flow of blood. Arteries blockage can lead to heart attacks. Saturated animal fat in red meat make it an unhealthy food for non-vegetarians.

Cancer: You can suffer from colon or colorectal cancer if you consume more meat. There is no clear scientific research to prove that red meat causes cancer. However, a study showed that people who ate more ounces of red meat developed the symptoms of cancer. Carcinogens in red meat causes cancer. The level of carcinogens increase if you grill red meat.

Obesity: Red meat is rich in calories. So, if you eat morered meat than is permitted, you gain more weight. It is not that red meat can make you obese completely. If you do not workout, you will keep gaining weight gradually. Restrict the intake of red meat.

These are few reasons behind considering red meat unhealthy. Although red meat is rich in vitamin B12, zinc, iron and proteins, consuming more than the required amount can be bad for your health. Lamb, pork, beef and bacon are few unhealthy meats. Whatever you eat, eat in less amount. Excessive consumption of anything can be unhealthy for the body. It is difficult to resist juicy meat sticks. However, having everything in moderation is healthy for your body as vitamins and proteins from red meat are good for the body. Have nutritious foods in your diet to reduce the ill effects of red meat.

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