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Health Benefits Of Drinking Whisky

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Alcohol is not always bad for health. There are many benefits of alcohol if taken in the right quantity. You must have heard the many benefits of alcohol like wine and brandy. But did you know that even whisky could be healthy when consumed in the limited amounts. Here are a few benefits of whisky.

Good Sleep- If you have been tired for many weeks then you can try a 1-2 small pegs of whisky with ice. Take small sips and do not drink in a manner as if you are in a hurry. This is a very relaxing drink and shall make you get a better sleep. You will fall asleep fast and have a sound sleep.

Whisky Is Good

Cancer- Who said that alcohol causes cancer? Well, whisky does just the opposite of it. An element called ellagic acid in whisky decreases the chances of developing cancer. Whisky is good as it provides our body with a lot of cancer fighting antioxidants. Thus if you take a peg of whisky once or twice a week, it is going to do no harm. Whisky is good and as such will only benefit you.

Diabetes- Whisky is good as it contains good cholesterol and stops blood vessels from clotting in the body. The good cholesterol in whisky is extremely good to ward off diabetes from the human body. If you are diabetic it is good for you to have whisky once or twice a week in small proportions.

De-Stress- Whisky is also a good de-stresssing drink. If you are too stressed for any particular reason then that can be very dangerous for the health. This can have various side effects on your mental state. In order to de-stress yourself drink a peg or two of whisky and then fell relaxed and much more comfortable than before.

Cold and Cough- Did you know that hot whisky is extremely good to cure cold and cough? Take a small peg of good whisky, preferably Scotch, and then add some hot water, 1tbsp of honey and some lemon juice. This is extremely beneficial for your health. Take the drink in small sips and see how you find yourself to be better after this.

Other Diseases- If you consume whisky in consultation with a doctor then this can reduce the chances of stroke to almost 50%. Whisky is good because it makes your immune system strong against a host of diseases.

These are all a few reasons why whisky is good for you. Thus we find that how alcohol is not always bad for your health.

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