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Best Drinks to Have And Avoid During Pregnancy
Proper hydration is very important during pregnancy. Water is especially needed by the body for many different kinds of functions. Flushing out the toxins, making amniotic fluid, building up body tissues, there is a lot that your pregnant body will require ...
Drinks To Have And Avoid During Pregnancy

Athletes Should Avoid These Foods From Their Diet
Special nutritional consideration is not limited to just the diseased. Every separate being, depending upon weight, height, age, lifestyle, etc., has separate nutritional requirements that vary accordingly. In the same way, athletes too, have varying and distinctive needs when it comes ...
15 Best Drinks To Increase Your Sexual Stamina
Sexual stamina will help one know how long can they last with their partner on bed. The body undergoes various kinds of changes with age and so is the case with one's sexual stamina. Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, whereas ...
Best Drinks For Sexual Stamina
Healthy Drinks That Can Replace Soda
Guzzling down healthy calories in the form of sugary drinks like soda comes with several health dangers. Soda consumption has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is also the major reason for the increasing cases ...
Ragi Buttermilk Recipe: How To Make Ragi Majjige
Ragi buttermilk is a healthy and refreshing drink that is mainly prepared in South India. Also known as ragi majjige in Karnataka, this drink is simply a combination of ragi malt blended with salt lassi. Ragi ambli or ragi porridge is ...
Ragi Buttermilk
8 Health Benefits Of Pudina Juice
During summers, we all want to drink some refreshing and healthy juices which reduce body heat and keep you cool during the hot season. Pudina or mint juice is one of the most common and healthy summer drinks. It is very ...
Dry Fruit Mango Lassi: Baisakhi Recipe
Baisakhi marks the beginning of Hindu year. We can celebrate the beginning of this harvest festival with some of the easy-to-make vegetarian recipes. From Chole Bhatura to the chilled and refreshing lassi, there are many Baisakhi recipes that can be prepared ...
Dry Fruit Mango Lassi Baisakhi Recipe
Masala Watermelon Juice Recipe
Watermelon is one of the most favourite fruits of everyone. As it is the season of watermelon, you can relish the juicy red watery fruit to have a healthy body. Watermelon is one of the fruits which has many health benefits. ...
Two Ways To Make Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane juice is found across the country. Every day you can find a number of stalls that sell sugarcane juice. In India, sugarcane juice is one of the cheapest juices which is extracted from the tall grass. FIND OUT: WHICH ...
Two Ways To Make Sugarcane Juice
Healthy Winter Drinks To Stay Warm
When winter season comes, we stop drinking cold drinks to avoid suffering from cold, cough and fever. We prefer having hot tea and other beverages that keep us warm and help fight the chilling weather. Apart from soups, you can relax ...
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