Are Your Sleep Habits Dangerous?

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Sleep habits (if they are bad) can double your chances of an untimely death. Sleep is as important as the food that you eat.

Most often we ignore a bad night's sleep saying we will make it up in the weekend but the stress of that unrested night will continue to lie heavy on our eyelids.

In winters, sleep becomes an even bigger problem because apparently, you are always sleepy and you simply cannot get enough sleep. The mechanism of sleep associated with your circadian rhythm is explained here.

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In the early days our ancestors used to get more sleep as their circadian rhythms went along with the rising and the setting of the sun. Also if you want to know why our body needs sleep then click here.

But with the coming in of all the artificial lighting system the active period of each person has extended.

In addition, there are several other factors that have been a hindrance for one to get adequate sleep.

You are prone to serious health problems if you fail to get that adequate amount of sleep. It affects your body metabolism, hormones, immunity and even your appetite.

When these conditions get affected, you are at a risk of developing serious health issues. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart problem are just a few among them.

Here Are Some Dangerous Sleep Habits:


1. Your Body Clock:

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up exactly at the break of dawn? It happens several times and we do not realise because we do not remember these instances when we finally wake up with the alarm a few hours later.

The body has something called the circadian rhythm that is connected to the rising and setting of the sun. Our ancestors were healthy because their bodies were better acquainted with the circadian rhythm of day and night. There were no electric lights, so people woke up early and retired to bed after dark.


2. Winter Sleep:

Your sleep during winters is important because during winters sunset happens earlier and the nights become longer. Earlier, people retired to bed early tormented by the cold and darkness. But now winter hardly makes any difference to our normal lifestyle.


3. Neon Lights And Sleep:

It could actually be the neon lights that is spoiling our sleep habits and proving to be dangerous in the modern urban life. Most of us still have to rise early because we have work to do that will pay the bills.

But the difference is that electric and artificial lights have prolonged our hours of staying awake. An average working individual wakes up at 7 am and probably goes to bed by 11 pm. This causes undue stress for which you cannot make up by sleeping on the weekends.


4. Melatonin Killed By Night Life:

The so called happening thing called 'night life' destroys the melatonin in our bodies. Now melatonin is a photosensitive chemical produced in our bodies to organise our sleep schedule.

The more you stay under artificial blazing light (like the ones in night clubs) the lesser melatonin you will have. This will make your sleep habits dangerously unhealthy.


5. Sleeping With The Night Lamp On:

Darkness is your best friend when it comes to sleeping better. If you sleep with the night lamp on, then don't. Try to lose yourself in the dark delight of sleeping.


6. Improper Sleep:

When you have improper or inadequate sleep, it affects your brain and your thinking capacity. This is one of the major factors that leads one to make wrong judgements.

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