Salty Foods To Avoid

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Salty Foods To Avoid
You do not think too much while hogging on your favourite foods. While you are busy eating, you do not realise the impact the food item will have on your body. While some foods increase your blood sugar levels, there are few sodium rich foods that are too salty. Increased intake of salt can be unhealthy for your body, especially bones.

To have a better flow of fluid in the body, you should have little salt in your diet. But, excessive consumption of salt is not good for your body. Lets check out few foods that are too salty.

Excessive salty foods to avoid:

Sauces: Be it a soya sauce, spaghetti sauce or tamarind sauce, almost all the sauces have more salt than required. That is why, it is suggested to not eat much sauce. You should avoid having too much sauce just for flavour as they are rich in sodium.

Pickled foods: Pickled foods are saved for days and need salt for preservation. Thus it should be no surprise that pickled food items are salty and sour. So, it is obvious that the pickled foods will have more sodium in them. Olives, eggs, mango or other pickled foods are too salty so avoid them. Have them occasionally but, take small helpings of it.

Cheese: Cottage cheese is more salty so it is best to restrict the consumption of this food. Excessive intake of cottage cheese can increase the sodium levels in the body.

Snacks: Fried snacks or salty nuts are yummy but filled with salt. From popcorn to cheese balls, almost all the snacks are rich in sodium. Avoid these foods. If you have them, make sure the amount of salt used while preparing them is less.

Processed Meat: Bacon, Deli meat, sausages and salami are few types of meat that have excessive salt in them because they have to be preserved for a long time. Meats that are canned are richer in salt. So, do not forget to read the label before buying processed meat next time. Meat rolls are more rich in salt as the batter also has salt in it.

Canned food: This is one of the most preferred by busy working professionals who do not get much time to cook in the kitchen. Canned food can be easy to make but, checking the amount of nutrients and proteins is also important. For a healthy body, you should not rely on canned food every day. Corn, canned vegetables and grams are rich in sodium. So, avoid using canned foods regularly.

These are few foods that are too salty. Limit the intake of these foods. Higher levels of sodium can only damage your body and low sodium levels can make you weak. Therefore, restrict the amount of sodium in your diet to stay healthy.

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