5 Ways To Eat Raw Vegetables

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We all know that raw vegetables are healthy; they provides lots of dietary fibres and vital nutrients. But to eat vegetables in the uncooked state, we need much more than nutritional facts. The truth is that salads are not the only way to eat uncooked vegetables. There are many more creative and healthy ways through which you can eat raw vegetables.

What you really need to do is change your eating habits from the core. Here are some ideas that will get you started.

Raw Vegetables

Ways To Eat Raw Vegetables:

1. Salads: We just said that salads are not the only way to eat vegetables that are uncooked. But it is still one of the best ways to do so. The best thing about salads is that there are numerous salad recipes that you can try. You can try a different salad recipe on every day of the month and still you are left with many. So why not start with 'one type of salad a day' strategy to eat healthy and fresh raw veggies.

2. Sandwiches: Packing a sandwich for lunch? You can easily throw in couple of raw vegetables in it. Add some fresh lettuce and onion rings. If you are not satisfied with this then, add a slice of tomato or beetroot to it. You can also add the chillies and mint leaves casually. And here you are ready with six uncooked vegetables in a single sandwich!

3. Garnishing: If you garnish your food smartly then you will be able to eat much healthier than you usually do. Most of us garnish our foods with mint or coriander, chopped onions and tomatoes. You can also use a variety of green leafy vegetables to garnish and dress your food. Use lots of raw onions and garlic in your dals and curries because they have a list of health benefits attached. Raw green chillies are a great topping and have various health benefits.

4. Eat Whole Vegetable Meals: Instead of using raw vegetables in your meal, make whole vegetables your meal. To put is simply, pick a couple of carrots and have it as a snack. It is the healthiest way to satisfy your late evening hunger pangs. In this way, you need not do anything special with vegetables.

5. Fresh Juices: Who said that only fruits can me made into juices? You can easily make juices out of vegetables like tomatoes, gourds (all types), green leafy vegetables and carrots. Start your day with a fresh fruit juice and end with vegetable juice. This is because you should not eat fruits after sundown; they cause acidity. However, there are no such restrictions for vegetables.

Here are some of the smartest ways to eat vegetables in the uncooked form. Do you have any other ideas to do the same?

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