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Green Vegetables: Best Ways To Eat Them

By Super Admin

You must have heard your parents and elders saying that you need to eat more green vegetables. And, on the contrary, you must have ended up doing just the opposite.

The reason they stressed on eating more of green vegetables is due to their innumerable health benefits.

Green vegetables are rich in all the essential macro and micronutrients. Though the taste might not be too palatable for many, but make it a point to have them at least once in a day.

They are rich in fibre, vitamins, calcium, iron, folate and all the essential nutrients that are required for one's good health. Also if you want to know why doctors recommend green vegetables, then click here.

Green vegetables are one of the best sources of energy that helps in keeping you active, improves the blood count and builds up the immune system.

Also, for those of you who are looking at losing weight, green vegetables are a must-have. These help in keeping one full for a longer period of time and aid in weight loss.

Green vegetables can be eaten in raw form, cooked or even in the form of soup.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of eating green vegetables, then here are a few healthy and delicious ways to have them without cribbing.

Healthy Ways To Eat Green Vegetables:


1. Avoid Overcooking The Vegetables

Green vegetables should never be overcooked. This reduces the vitamins and minerals from the vegetable and it also loses its taste. Little cooked is crunchy and nutritious.


2. Low-Fat Cream Toppings

Cream toppings can make the boring green nutritious dish tasty for dieters. For effective weight loss, use low-fat cream for toppings.


3. Green Vegetable Soup

One of the easiest ways to eat green leafy vegetables is by making soup. It is painlessly the best way to add low-fat food to your diet and lose weight too.


4. Grill Green Vegetables

Try different cooking methods to make the green vegetable dishes tasty and filling. Instead of just sticking to steaming or boiling, you can even grill or roast some vegetables and eat them.


5. Add Spices

Spices add different taste and flavour to the dish. Add black pepper, red chilli powder, cinnamon and cloves to make the green vegetable dish tasty.


6. Add Purees

Purees and curries make the dish tasty and filling. Just add fresh tomato puree and spices to the green vegetables. Even kids won't crib after seeing the dish.


7. Spinach Smoothie

Take a few spinach leaves, blend them well and then have them in the form of smoothie. This is one of the interesting ways to add green vegetables to your daily diet.


8. Add It To Your Favourite Sandwich

Add a few lettuce leaves along with a few other ingredients to your favourite sandwich and just munch it.


9. Salads

Adding a few green vegetables like lettuce and bokchoy to your favourite salads is yet another best way to consume green vegetables.

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