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10 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend To Eat More Of Green Vegetables

Check anywhere, check with anybody!! If the topic is health, you will definitely end up with the very same take-home message - eat more vegetables! Eating vegetables is the best ever possible way to stay healthy.

It is the simplest idea that you can opt for to improve your overall well-being. If you are eager to know more about the vast health benefits of green vegetables, this article is for you.

Vegetables are natural foods that contain almost all the nutrients that are needed for the proper functioning of your body. It is true that one vegetable alone cannot satisfy all the nutritional requirement of your body.

So, it is important to include a wide variety of vegetables in your diet. You can take this in any form. This can be in the form of juices, sauce, toppings, salads or you can make it even tastier with recipes that include spices.

But, cooking has a disadvantage that it will damage some of the vitamins and nutrients.

No matter what dish you try out, never neglect vegetables. They are the richest sources of all kinds of nutrients, ranging from vitamins to antioxidants. The first step towards wellness is what you eat and this makes food your best medicine.

Let us discuss further about the health benefits of green vegetables.


1. Fights Cancer

Being the most natural form of food, vegetables help to prevent cancer. Also, most vegetables are rich in antioxidants that are powerful to fight against free radicals in the body.


2. For A Healthy Heart

No wonder your doctor suggests you to take more of vegetables for you heart's health. This is all because of the health benefits that vegetables provide for a healthy heart.


3. Weight Loss

Gaining weight will no longer be a nightmare for you if you are ready to switch to a diet that includes more of vegetables. The high fibre content in vegetables will make you feel fuller, so that you will not eat in heavy portions.


4. Lowers Your Blood Pressure & Keeps It In Ideal Range

Most of the vegetables don't have sodium in them. This makes vegetables a heart-friendly option. Taking vegetables will lower your blood pressure easily and effectively. This is one of the health benefits of having vegetables every day.


5. No Constipation-related Issues

If you are suffering from constipation, try to make a change in your diet by including more of vegetables. This will easily treat your problem with the high amount of fibre in most of the vegetables.


6. Healthy Kidneys

Vegetables are the best options to keep your kidneys healthy, as these don't contain any harmful chemicals that will damage the nephrons in the kidneys. Make sure that you use organic vegetables.


7. For A Glowing Skin

Vegetables are rich in vitamins that are important to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Hydrated and healthy skin is one of the best health benefits of vegetables.


8. No Hair Fall

Most of the issues related to hair and scalp are due to the deficiency of vitamins and protein. This is one of the main reasons why your doctor asks you to take more vegetables if you have any scalp or hair-related issue.


9. No Chronic Diseases

Most of the chronic diseases are related to our lifestyle problems. Having a well-balanced diet with more of vegetables in it will help you to stay away from chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


10. Healthy Bowel Movement

Vegetables are high in fibre content. This will make bowel movements more easy and effective. Also, this is the best way to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

Story first published: Sunday, April 9, 2017, 14:00 [IST]